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The Marriage Course

Oh, hello!

How long has it been since i last blogged? Been really busy with work and stuffs and couldn’t find time to blog.

I have just completed my Marriage Preparation Course by the way.

The class that i went to, was really really small. Only 5 couples.
While it was really mostly common sense topics, i particularly like the Finance topic covered by the Facilitator.

We were told to get in groups and given a scenario of a typical family and to list down the budget.

Oh my. Belanja rumah macam apa. Belanja untuk 2 kids je boleh dalam $500 – $800 per month.

The boy initially wanted 3 kids.  I wanted two.
After that discussion, i still insisted on two kids.
He still insist we should have at least three. God bless me.

Thank God the session was only 9.00am to 4.00pm only instead of 6.00pm as the cut the tea breaks short.

The boy and me had fun though, jotting down things we want for our family and how our vision is actually similar. Alhamdulilah.

Now, i can’t wait for 19th May cos we’ll be able to book our kadi on that day.

As for my other wedding DIY, i’ll probably start doing them actively in May since i’ll be clearing my leave on that month.

and oh.. on a random note, Great Singapore Sale starts on 27th May 2011!

I am still waiting patiently for HDB to approve our AHG. They are seriously getting on my nerves. They told me it will take one month, but it’s coming to two months already and still no news.

The reassuring part is, when i go to Forums, some of them are still waiting for their keys too.

I have got lotsa things to update actually. Will do so when i’m free! 🙂

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