Our Shoebox

Guess what i have been busy with?

Our new home of course!

I can’t tell you guys how tired am i nowadays. I been to Tradehub 21, SG Expo, Sungei Kadut, IKEA umpteen times.

I have been scouring the net for tips and contacts of Contractors i can use.

So far, we managed to get our Bedroom Set from Nova. It was love at 1st sight for me and him. Paling suka the dresser table. Pasal ada banyak storage place. Bole simpan my makeup yang melambak2 tu.

We also got a Washing Machine from Best Denki during the Mother’s Day Sale. I feel so auntie buying a washing machine. Haha

One of our close friend got us a 32″ LCD TV recently as a wedding gift. Such a nice surprise! Lol

Now we are gonna get some basic lightings first, get our paints and the grilles done for the living room.

The electricity and water are already available so i’ll probably start washing the kitchen etc 1st cos it’s sooooo dusty!

Some pictures i took right after we took our keys from HDB.

Member excited. Nampak sgt. Lol






This is where our TV set is gonna be.


Ni gambar sungguh tak perlu i know, but u should see the amount of junks we had in our letterbox!! Macam bukit! Haha

Ok, sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I was using my iphone. Will take a clearer picture on Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Guess what i have been busy with?”

  1. Aww! This entry is so sweet! I can imagine the moment when you were facing the door and empty walls of your new home, hand-in-hand with Rusly… I’m sure it was overwhelming, to wonder about all the joys that those walls are going to contain in the near future! *tears* I’m so happy for you both! 😀 Keep us all posted with your home-building progress k? And your wedding prep too! ❤

  2. We’ve been to and fro Tradehub21 and Ikea too haha. Been going round asking for quotations from many many contractors/ID haha. Oh I’m getting my keys on the 17th this month (decided to reply your qn from last entry here hee)

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