The Husband & Wife, The Travel Bug

Day 1: Phuket & Patong Beach

The 1st day of the Trip was the most relaxing part of the whole trip.

We boarded our Plane to Phuket at 8.20am without any delays on our side so yeah, the trip started without any hitch. The journey, which was roughly a hour plus went smoothly cos the weather was fine.
Thankfully it was a short journey cos Jetstar seats are really really cramped.
I would definitely avoid Jetstar planes if i can.

We arrived Phuket at about 9.10am (Phuket Time) and was whisked off to our Resort by our driver.

It was a 45mins ride from the Airport to Palmyra Patong Resort.

I was thrilled when we reach the hotel because it was far enough from the hustle & bustles of Patong Beach but close enough for us to be close to the heart of Patong.

We could not check in till 1.00pm so we went out to hunt for Lunch and search for a suitable package to Phi Phi Island.

We found a Phi Phi Island package just nearby at only 950 baht (S$38.00) which was a real bargain cos i was expecting to pay
roughly 1200 baht (S$48.00) – 1700 baht (S$68.00).

After settling for the package, we flagged down our very first Tuk-Tuk to bring us down to the nearest Restaurant that serves Halal cuisine
and he brought us over to Beach Road. We couldn’t remember what was the name of that place cos we were too hungry and the weather was really really hot.

It was fairly cheap and good enough for our 1st Thai meal!

We then went back to our Hotel, Palmyra Patong to check in to our rooms and was amazed at how huge the room is.
It was really clean cos it was recently renovated and the pool was really inviting.

We went out again by 2.00pm to go sightseeing with the same Tuk Tuk Driver and he brought us to Chalong Bay where there were various activities like ATV and Shooting Ranges.

We were back at Patong Beach by 5.00pm. Managed to get my Banana Pancake which was oh so delish!

Suddenly we noticed the dark clouds and the locals were shouting frantically for us to move away from the Beach.
Within seconds, there were slight drizzle and a wind storm and beach umbrellas were flying all over the place and the local shopkeepers closed shops immediately.

To be honest, i freaked out a little. I mean, who wouldn’t?
I was at an area where the Tsunami happened afterall. All i could do was say a little prayer that all of us will be safe.

The drizzle stopped after a while and we tried to find our way to Sala Spa.
It was so hard getting there! We went through dead ends and multiple Mc’Donalds & Starbucks before we found them.
Had a 90mins Oil Massage for only 650 baht (S$26.00).
The spa was great and we left the place feeling very satisfied with the service.

We then headed over to Jungceylon with an intention to watch a movie but decided against it since we were pretty tired from the early flight and the endless walking.
We ended the night early with Dinner from Dubai restaurant cos we had to wake up by 7am the next day for the Phi Phi Island Trip.

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