Our Shoebox

Like finally!

We have just got our keys. After many months of waiting!


Our appointment was scheduled at 10.10am this morning. We reached HDB at about 9.30am, got our Fire Insurance and then get our Q no.

We were called up in less than 5mins, even earlier than our appt time.

The HDB officer went thru a lot of the documents with us, from the loan, the grant etc and there were soooo many documents to sign. Like seriously banyak!

My signature daripada straight sampai senget2 sey.

But i am glad we have finally got the keys and we can now do our measurements for the kitchen etc.

It’s gonna be an exciting ride! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Like finally!”

    1. It is indeed exciting! But kinda stressful at times. Juggling with things i need to do for the house and wedding. Phew.
      Wen is ya 2nd appt babe?

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