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Guestbook Poster

Ok, some kahwin-kahwin talks before i get back to the house again. lol

Since getting the house, i have been thinking of ways to decorate the house and there’ll be one so-called “Entertainment Room” which i’m pretty sure the boy will just end up making his Jamming Room. lol

So i told him he can store Jentayu stuffs there and all the music stuffs but i want to have the feature wall Fuschia / Bubblegum PINK!  amik kau.So far, he has agreed to it. Tak tau lah kan kalau tetiba dia phobia main music dalam bilik pink. haha

Back to decorating the house, i want the house to have our personal touch, little bits here and there and i know i’m gonna put up posters of us, pictures from our wedding and i figured, why not.. put up a Guestbook Poster in our Entertainment Room? Brilliant kan idea aku? :p

So i went to Google Guestbook Posters and saw some i really really like.




Cantik kan? At least i can hang it up the wall and not let my guestbook be redundant after the wedding.

Annnnnddd… it’s cost effective!

Ok done!

2 thoughts on “Guestbook Poster”

  1. hey Dyan!

    The reason why i had a photo in a frame (like the above) for my dinner guestsbook was because i can hang it up and read it. I believe those good wishes will help us work harder in our marriage, like a sense of motivation. =)

    Because in a book, we rarely read it.

    1. Oooh yeah! I remember your poster! haha
      yeah i guess poster would be easier for us to look at as compared to the book! 🙂

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