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The Home

Ok, as promised, more pictures of the house and a clearer view of it since i used the camera this time round.

Last saturday, me and the boy semangat cuci dapur, cuci toilet, pasang lampu.
Sumpah penat macam lari marathon.

My arms were aching that evening from all the scrubbing i had to do to remove all those dusty stains on the floorings.

Tapi bila dah nampak lantai kilat macam gelang makcik tingkat atas, waaaaaaahhh happynya! Macam nak rolling-rolling je.

and oh, i finally get to meet the next door neighbour.

At first i thought my neighbours are gonna be some old retired couple with grown-up kids our age.

Look at the exterior of their house and you’ll know what i mean.

But it turns out to be a relatively young couple lah. About late 30s to early 40s gitu and they have 2 sons which i believe baru nak masok NS those kind of age.

Terperanjat bila dorang came over to say hello. But it was so nice of them to do so and they look so friendly. Selamat aku.

We also managed to korek some history of the house from them since we are at it. haha

Turns out, the house was previously owned by a young Malay couple with no children. Dua2 malas nak kerja, api air tak tau berapa banyak kali kena potong, dah dua2 tak kerja, takde duit lah nak bayar duit rumah, so HDB tarik balik the house and the house has been vacant for about 2-3 years already.

Most importantly, he said not to worry, so far belom ada loansharks cases etc. haha

Dengar part tu je dah happy.

Ok sorry cerita meleret. Nak tunjuk gambar rumah dari tadi tak tunjuk2.

Here goes:

Living Room:

This is where our TV and Sofa are gonna be. The view from the dining area.
We will be running the TV Cables from the other side of the room to this side instead. HDB punya designs kekadang menyakitkan hati. Siapalah nak pergi letak TV and sofa betul2 depan pintu?

Living room and Entrance to the kitchen. View from the Front Door.

The dining area. View from the Front door.

The living room and Dining Area. View from the TV & Sofa area.

View of the Living Room from the Kitchen door.
That’s the TV Cable Point. Betul2 sebelah window kecik tu. If i were to put the TV there, then takkan sofa tengah2 rumah kan. haha

Entertainment Room:

View from the door.

View from the window.

The wall that’s gonna be Pink. Hopefully.

Hotel 81 Guest Room

View from the door.

View from the window area.

Master Bedroom:

View from the door.

View from the window area.

Side views of the Master Bedroom.


Where we’ll be putting our cabinets. The cooking and washing area.
We have found a Carpenter who can build our kitchen at a very very competitive price. So far he quoted us the lowest price but we have yet to meet up with him and get the final quotation.

We have also also not decided the colour of our cabinets. Could be either White or Grey. 🙂

The other side of the kitchen. I know this space is bigger and much much suitable for cooking and washing. However, there is no drainhole at that area and if i were to cook there, it’ll be kinda stuffy.

The cleaned kitchen. I still have to clean it some more ngan stain remover. I don’t know why, even though the kitchen is newly-renovated by HDB, rasa mcm tak fresh gitu. haha. Nak aje aku acid wash satu dapur.

Service Balcony:

Nampak tak betapa berhabuk nya flooring tu.


Lepas dah cuci the floor. Mau aku scrub flooring tu macam maid.
Penat tau. and oh.. washing machine dah sampai! hahaha
We got the washing Machine during Best Denki Mother’s Day Sale. We got it at a very good price and i love love the shape!

Toilet yang dah di-scrub macam nak gila! Ni pun macam nak crub lagi tengah2 tile tu. Nak beli stain remover yang terhandal di market. hmmph.

Nampak tu baldi pink? The first pink household item yo!
The boy gave up. Dia sampai tolong aku look out for pink household stuffs pun ada.

Sampai je kedai hardware, member cakap
“ahh tu baldi pink, penyapu pink, mop pink. Gi lah beli.. ”

Thanks B!  :))

Ok, itu aje cerita rumah kali ni. We are in the midst of buying lightings for the house and kita dah sign up a contractor to do up the grilles for us.

The grilles and the floorings will be done once we are done with the house paintings which i hope could be done by this month. Tapi nampak macam tak boleh je, pasal the boy will be busy with wedding performances in June.  sigh.

This week, we’ll be cleaning the other parts of the house and as much as i hate cleaning, it sure feels different to do it to at your own place! hehe

4 thoughts on “The Home”

  1. Syiokkkkkkkk nyaaaa! so lovely when u do with ur boy eh? I nak jugak feel the same way except that me n my boy has yet to get a home of our own! Bila ni bto tamp result nak keluar sobsob.. ;(

  2. U apply the Tampines nya BTO babe? hee sabar2.. insyaallah ada lah rezeki nak kahwin, dapat rumah hehe

    It was fun but very very tiring mentally and physically. lol

  3. Hi dyan! I’ve got gd news… I got a number for tamp bto! Syukur!! After the rumah habis buat, boleh feeling rajin n buat kerja Rumah macam u! Hehehe okbye! 

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