Our Shoebox

My First 2D


This is what i was doing the whole day in the office. The 2D drawing of the house and it’s proposed arrangement of the furniture. I will try do a 3D next! Sungguh aku free tapi step busy.

Not much updates on the wedding preps for this month. This month is all about the house. Rumah tu tak abis2 bersihkan. I’ve been telling my friends that my kitchen and living room are kinda small, tapi bila dah kena cuci satu rumah, haaaah amik kau. Besar jugak rumah ni! Sakit pinggang, sakit kepala semua lah kuar.

July would be an exciting month for the wedding department though. First would be our Outdoor Shoot! Suka!
Then on the same day would be our 1st selection of our bridal outfits. Lagi suka!

The photographer was suggesting that we take few shots of us in the bare new home. We are still thinking though if we should.

It is four months away from our Big Day and i am so freaking out. Bleargh.

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