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Spanx my tummy.

Alas, i got spanx-ed.

I’ve won the bid for a Spanx Bodyshaper on Ebay.
Such a great deal. Rugi kalau tak beli.

I got the In-Power Line Super Higher Power in Bare Nude as recommended by Fei (thank u darling!)

Yes, babat-babats ku memerlukan yang super higher power tahap maksimanya. Yang lain confirm tak jalan. Kalau yang ni tak jalan jugak, aku wrap sendiri pakai plastic. bleargh.

I chose Nude cos i felt since it’s closer to my skin colour, jadi nanti kalau pakai baju putih tak obvious sangat. Although i’m really really tempted to choose black instead pasal black nampak sexy sket. Colour nude macam grandmother nya style. Tapi takpe, takde orang nampak selain mak andam aku.

The original retail price was going at US$38.00. At first i thought, ok lah reasonable enough. Sekali part nak checkout, direct shipping to Singapore would cost me US$31.00. That’s US$7.00 shy from the Bodyshaper itself! Tu takpe, dia ada discount US$5.00 for International shipping tapi ada hati nak charge additional US$10.5o handling fees.  The total price came up to US$74.50 which is equivalent to S$102.80.

Waaaaaaaaaah… Rasa macam nak give up and wrap pakai plastic je time big day aku.

Then i remembered Fei mention Ebay would be cheaper. So i went Ebay and check it out. True enough, it was cheaper. Walaupun dia tak lah murah sampai US$10.00 but at least the shipping was cheaper. So much cheaper.

I got my Spanx at US$26.00 and the shipping was only US$9.99. Total amount was US$35.99. Cheaper than the orginal Spanx Retail Price, siap masuk shipping lagi! All i know, Paypal made me paid S$45.00 which to me is a great deal!

At least S$45 sounds reasonable enough lah kan dari S$102.80.  (bloody international shipping)

All i hope now is the bodyshaper reach me safely and hopefully before 5 July cos that would be my outdoor shoot day and i wanna wear my bodyshaper! Menyesal tak beli siang2.

So kalau sesiape nak beli Spanx, pi lah Ebay. It’s Brand new but probably takde kotak pasal it’s either ex-stock etc but who cares about the box kan? At least i don’t! lol

But if you all betul2 nak brand new nya and die2 nak beli direct dengan si Sara Blakely tu, u can try getting Vpost or Borderlinx to ship it for you. Not sure if there’ll be much difference. Or better still, gi ajak your girlfriends ramai2 beli and share shipping since Raya pun nak dekat. Boleh pakai ngan kebaya. haha.






8 thoughts on “Spanx my tummy.”

  1. Hi Dyan, saw your post on Spanx. I love Spanx! I bought the Slim Cognito mid-thigh bodysuit at CK Tang for SGD$180 kerana so desperate…and wow it really works! CK Tang really ketuk to the max! If you refer to the slimming chart on their website, the slimming level is Super Duper and this is definitely true. Macam tuck in my tummy and thighs gitu lol. I love em so much that I got 2 more of the same bodysuits from eBay and each cost about SGD$45 with shipping! So happyyyyyyyy.

    Anyways just wanted to show some love your way. I enjoy reading your blog and your creativity with the crafty stuff inspires me! Hope your photoshoot goes well! 😉

    1. Hey lin,

      Oh my so sorry i just saw ya comments lah babe!

      I just received my Spanx and oh my god, i love it lah!! Wanna get another one. Maybe the one u got!

      I’m addicted to Spanx i think.

    1. aaaaah such coincidence! another reader was asking me the same question and i thought it was u! hehe
      anyway dear, i bought it here:

      But you can actually just type in Spanx (design such as high power) (your size) and you will surely find something.
      U see, if you can get something cheaper even best.

      But i recommend u go to and then do your research there first. Baru u search at eBay ok!

  2. Hehe.. Will do that. I never bought anything online (from overseas) so have to blajar how to pay by paypal first. Thanks again dear. Love reading your blog! 🙂

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