Musings of a Bride

Of wedding planning.

I have a new-found respect for Wedding Planners. Really I do.

I don’t know how they manage it, but aku suspect kuat, because it’s not their own wedding, hence no emotional strings attached to it, and making it a whole lot easier for them.

For you girls whom would be planning your own wedding (like most of us, cos we are just ambitious like that), we need lots of luck and hugs.

While the bigger things are not really stressing me out anymore cos it’s more or less settled, it’s the smaller things that’s popping pimples on my face.

Siang2 lagi, the boy’s mother told us, try to refrain from wearing white. In fact kalau boleh, jangan pakai white langsung pasal kita dua2 bulat. Kang nanti makin bulat dalam gambar. But i wanna wear white! boohoo.

So, the boy told me maybe we can wear a cream colour or maybe other pastel colours instead.
So i gave in. I told him if we can find a nice pastel colour nya baju nikah from Lyanaz Bridal, we will go ahead, but strictly no light green or even yellow. Pasal aku tak peberet kaler tu. Maybe Pastel Blue or Cream or champagne gold. Pink tak boleh pasal deco dah kaler pink and i don’t think i wanna see the boy wearing Pink Baju Kurung. hahaha

But i am going ahead with a white wedding gown. mati2 gak aku nak pakai white wedding gown.
Even if it would make me look like a whale. Yes, degil aku ni pun boleh tahan gak.

We both agreed, on our 1st fitting with Lyanaz Bridal, to choose our outfit, strictly the two of us. We are not gonna bring anyone else with us cos nanti kepala serabut, dua2 mengamok, kahwin nanti pakai Baju Raya je nanti.

Tu baru part baju. Belom part the Hantaran trays. His mom casually mentioned, the theme colour for the hantaran from them to me is Yellow. Walaupun aku dah berjuang untuk dia tukar fikiran, maybe colour brown ke tapi dia kata Yellow tu Royal colours.

Ok lah, tak pasal. Pasal his mom and her friends are the one who is gonna do the hantarans themselves so aku tak nak cakap banyak.

The other day, i was casually telling the boy, “nanti your hantaran i kasi Light Blue k. Tapi i tak tau ah nak letak bunga kaler Red or Pink.”

Dengan pantasnya member jawab “RED!!!!”.

Dengan pantas jugak aku cakap “Nope. i think White and Pink flowers nicer.”

Kalau aku ada wedding planner, confirm dia dah resign. lol

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