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Staycation: Amara Sentosa

Last weekend was great. My company did a weekend staycation for all of us at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a god-sent cos i was supposed to go for a Tioman Trip on the very same weekend but Luxury Tours cancelled our booking cos they don’t have any more rooms at Paya Beach. bleargh.

The place itself was nothing special to be honest but it was super relaxing cos there was not a lot of people in the resort itself and because it’s a beach resort, u almost feel like it is a beach holiday somewhere.

Too bad it was a 2D1N affair. I wouldn’t mind staying longer. If the company is paying. haha

*All pictures taken with my iPhone, so they are of not the highest quality.

So awesome to be spending Friday afternoon at the beach instead of the office despite the unforgiving sun. I slapped on so much sunblock, i smell like one.

Random hotel pictures i love to take. lol.
I didn’t even get to berendam at the bath tub cos i was so busy having fun with my colleagues.

Their infinity pool was so tempting lah. Macam nak berenang tapi takut gelap.
I’m having my outdoor shoot next month and i don’t wanna look dark in it. sigh.

Dinner was so-so but we managed to catch up with each other and because i was sitting at the same table with my MD, i had to minimise my talk-cock session with my other colleagues. lol


The chempedak creme brulee is to die for. Seriously.
I have never tasted anything better than this.

Right after dinner, me and my team-mates retreat to our room to play Monopoly Deal.
It was awesome. We had so much fun laughing, perut macam nak pecah.


But kalau main Monopoly Deal, takde forfeit macam tak best kan.

So siapa kalah, conteng muka. This is a tribute to my abg guitarist. lol.

Lady luck wasn’t on my side early in the game, hence my conteng-ed face.
yes, that’s sh*it on my forehead. thanks uh. Pipi sebelah tu angry bird that looks like a chicken. haha

I started to gain momentum and won most of the games nearer to the end. Siap ah..

I had a great time with my team-mates.Fooling around like we usually do in the office.
I had a great laugh and it was so hilarious when we called Housekeeping for an extra pillow, then bila budak housekeeping dah picit doorbell baru kita teringat muka kita ada conteng2. Tiga2 tak nak bukak pintu. Dah budak china tu tertunggu2. lol

Luckily my colleague went over to the door, grabbed the pillow and closed the door immediately. lol

Ok, last picture before i go.


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