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The Wedding Shoes

I was out at Plaza Singapura yesterday cos i needed to go to Dorothy Perkins to get a dress for the outdoor shoot next tuesday (yaaaay! tak sabar!).

Sambil2, celebrate our 2 years 6 months anniversary (lol), which i conveniently forgot about until the boy asked me “Nak celebrate?” and i was like “huh? celebrate apa?” oh oh.  hahaha.

Sambil2 nak naik lift pergi Swensen’s tu, ter-singgah Pedro which is just next to the lift lobby. Was asking the boy if he wanna see his shoes for the hantaran tray.
He found something he liked and i told him to keep his options open first and then… i saw something i really really like and sumpah mata tak leh lepas.


I fell in love with it at first sight. Honestly, it looks nicer in real life.

When i saw the heels, i was pretty much intimidated. Cos it’s high and skinny.
Seram nak pakai. But the boy told me to just give it a try and so i did and it was so comfortable and i knew i want the shoes.

But good things don’t come that easily.

It was the last piece and the display set. As much i really really love it, i don’t think i wanna have a display set to place on my dulang. (yes, i’m gonna place it at the dulang on Saturday when i nikah and then wear it on Sunday!) hahaha

So dengan muka kesian, i asked the sales staff to ask other branch. Their stystem shows that they have it at ION Orchard and Marina Bays Sand.

I called ION this morning, size 39 takde. size 38 je. 😦

Because i’m persistent like that, i called Vivocity outlet since i’m going there later to watch Transformers (woot woot!). Tapi Vivo tak carry that style. Tapi dia suggest Anchorpoint.

So i called Anchorpoint and they have it!!!! Ter-squel sekejap tadi kat office.

You know what i’m gonna do now?

I’m gonna go out for a long lunch and take a cab with my colleagues to Anchorpoint and get my shoes now!












4 thoughts on “The Wedding Shoes”

  1. Dyan!!! We have the same size!! And you really should get that heel!!! I suke juga! So cantik and yes really intimidating max! =)

  2. oooh great buy! I was eyeing the same exact pair when my fiance bought his hantaran shoes from Pedro. I didn’t even try though cos it look high haha. Share your experience of the photoshoot k 🙂

    1. Yeeaaah it does look high and feel high. I was wearing low wedges before i tried the shoes. After i tried the shoes, and went barefoot, can really feel the difference. Haha.

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