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The Outdoor Experience

Yesterday was awesome! We went to Sentosa for our pre-wedding shoot and although i have to wake up really early to get ready etc, it is all worth it!

I woke up at 5.00am to get ready and the boy picked me up at 6.30am.
I decided to do my own makeup afterall cos i don’t know who would be willing to do an early morning makeup for me. lol

Everything was kept to a minimal. I didn’t even do much for my hair, just pinned a white flower pin at the side, which i got from New Look for only $3.90!

I wore a simple dress from Dorothy Perkins which i got the week before and that’s it!

However, we brought loads of props with us.

  • Pink Umbrella
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Picnic Basket
  • Balloons
  • Pinwheels
  • Hearts on sticks
  • Mat

Ok lah, not that many lah kan.

Our photographer, Hasemi is totally awesome! I only have great things to say about him. He is so easy for us to talk with, he has got great ideas + angles and he’s always suggesting poses for us (which we truly need). It was such a breeze working with him.

We started the shoot at 8.00am at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. It started off great until we were walking on a grass patch and i accidentally fell into a hole, twisted and sprained my ankle. That was only 45mins into the shoot.

Hasemi and the boy panick-ed sekejap cos i couldn’t get up at first cos it was so painful. I knew confirm salah urat. But i didn’t wanna spoil the day, so step gung-ho, told them to just continue with the shoot. So i went on with the rest of the shoot with a sprained ankle which i tried to hide cos i didn’t want the boy to be worried. It was exceptionally painful when we were taking pictures at the beach and the pressure of trying to walk on wet sand. Sangat lah sakit.

At the end of the day, my ankle looks like this.

See that white powdery portion? That’s the swell. It’s even worse today.
I think i may need to go to the sinseh. bleargh.

Anyway, we spend most of the time looking in each other’s eye. (Which we don’t normally do, because i am shy like that) haha

And also because i will just burst out laughing, but yesterday was easy breezy for us. Ok lah, we did laughed a lot. But we made small little talks while gazing at each other, it made a whole lot more sweeter than laughable. *beams*

Hasemi must have been really excited / too free yesterday cos by 6pm, some of our pictures were already up on Facebook and he will be uploading few more by this week.

Will definitely be using some of the pics for our wedding invites, poster and other stationeries!

Here goes a few of our pictures. I wouldn’t be uploading all. Maybe after the wedding.

One of the first pictures he uploaded and currently my personal favourite.
I look like i’m in total bliss. Which i really am. 🙂

The props!

The picture that will never go to any of invites / posters/ stationeries because it’s too hot! hahaha

But we will blow this up and print as a poster and put it in our house.


This picture was taken few minutes after i sprained my leg.

Also one of my favourite!

Now, i can’t wait to get the CD from him. He showed us lotsa nice pictures from his camera that day.

Ohh.. he also mentioned few of you readers asked him for a quotation.
Some of you even mentioned they got to know of him through my blog.
Thank you for mentioning that, seriously! No, i did not get any commission or anything, but it sure feels nice to know some of my readers are also considering him!

Right after the photoshoot, we then went to Loyang Rise to choose our baju for the Big Day. I was expecting to stay there for like 2hours max lah considering my kaki dah start meragam.

But we stayed there for 3 hours! We managed to try on a few baju and see if they are nice for us etc. So happy we went on a weekday afternoon cos no-one was there and the mak andam let us try the baju cos if we were to come on weekday nights, we can only choose and not try. So yeah, kalau boleh, u go and choose baju when it’s not the peak hours! hehe

We chose our baju already and the next fitting will be on 3rd October!
Exciting sangat!

We took pictures of us wearing the baju but i’m not gonna post it though pasal nanti dah tak surprise. haha

After the whole choose baju thing, we wnat back to ur place to meet the flooring guy to choose our colours!

They’ll be delivering the floorings tomorrow afternoon and fix it on Friday. It should be ready by Saturday!

best sekali!

Will update you guys on the flooring soonish!

8 thoughts on “The Outdoor Experience”

  1. aww. awesome, lovely pictures.
    yours is one of the very few blogs i never fail to visit each time i go online.
    pretty interesting and informative i must say!
    will continue readin till your kpak bing bing day~ (:
    insya Allah all will go well, sis!

  2. Oh my your photos are soo nice! And it’s tempting me to have another shoot in everyday clothes haha (cos ours is in our wedding dress & suit). You picked the right photographer! 🙂

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