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Almost a Home!

Last week was busy for us. We finally managed to paint the house, meet the flooring guy and choose our colours and also managed to get it installed asap!

I was amazed at how fast they took to get the floorings done!

They started work on Friday 9.30am and by 12.00pm, just before they went for lunch, 2 of the rooms and half of the living room was done.They actually told me everything would be done by day afternoon, but looking at how fast they managed to install everything, i knew it would be ready by the end of the day.

True enough, it was done by 5.00pm!

I was so excited lah tapi bila part nak kemas2, sapu habuk tu, punyalah malas…. 😦

I totally love the floorings. It made such a huge difference to our place already!

Here’s the living room area.


The process:

We painted one side of the wall with Dulux Pentalite “Stone Cave”.

Half of the laminate floorings done.


The TV Area of the Living Room.

The dining area.

The almost completed look. We have yet to get our TV Console and our curtains though.
For the floorings, we used the colour “Snow Teak” as we wanted a more modern and clean look.

The Master Bedroom:

We painted the Master Bedroom with Jotun Strax “Lys Jord”

*sorry for the crappy quality. Picture was taken using my iphone at night.

We used a darker flooring colour for all the rooms as we wanted a more cosy warm ambience for all the rooms 🙂

The Entertainment Room:

Hands down, my Favourite room! hehe
This room will be used for:

  • Storing musical stuffs for Jentayu
  • Store all my cards and posters for The Card Maison
  • Relax and watch Internet movies. lol

I’m so happy the house is starting to really look like a home now. The only thing pending is the small little stuffs and also the kitchen.

3 months to go before our wedding. Scary.

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