Musings of a Bride

Oh look!

new header!
and if you press F5 repeatedly, the pictures will change. *jakun*

Some random stuffs:

  1. my left feet still hurts. I am still limping to work. The only good thing is, i can wear slippers to work and not feel guilty. Bad thing is, with the bandage on, i look like i wore only one side of socks to work. tak lawa.
  2. I’ve got no time for DIY Stuffs and it’s 3months to the wedding. The mother is helping me with the bantal hantaran though but i still don’t have time to do a prototype. Just in case. Those tissue flowers pun belom kasi habis. oh no.
  3. Bill api air baru datang tu ari. Our 1st bill is S$14.03. Random much, but it was so cool to see our first bill together. Macam nak frame and simpan. lol
  4. I have not lost weight and i am still sinfully binge-ing on snacks. The sinful kinds. Not those raisin and the healthy snacks i’m supposed to feed myself with. But if it’s any consolation, i ate one pear yesterday and 3 cherries. Well, at least i ate fruits. *screams healthy!*
  5. I need to finalise my wedding itinerary and make changes on ROM website for my venue and i have not finalise my wedding songs, still. Nape lah part aku, susah betul nak carik lagu. Part orang lain kahwin, pandai pulak aku suggest.
  6. We’ll be getting the photos from Hasemi this week and my card design will start this week or next week, depending on how free / rajin i am and i still don’t know what design i want.
  7. Finally decided that maybe, i don’t wanna take the Henna that Lyanaz Bridal gonna give me cos i still like Syra Skin’s henna. I just hope that she is still available on my date cos i prefer my Henna to be merah and not dark brown. 😦
    And also because Syra is really, really super duper friendly, i cannot wait to meet her again and talk about makeup. haha
  8. I have finally applied for my October leave. I swear my Director eyes was so huge when i got him to sign, cos my manager will be going for her maternity leave at the same time. Selamat lah ko.

2 thoughts on “Oh look!”

  1. woohoo! 3 more months babe! 🙂 I know what you mean about point number 4, weight loss is a *#*!@. I have given up on placing my raisins in front of me, and instead placed a notice on my screen saying “EAT RAISINS NOT COOKIES!” 😛

  2. hahahah it does not help when your department stores lots of Junk Foods in the Storage area and when you have colleagues putting cookies and Ruffles on my desk each evening. grrrrrrr

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