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why staying on your own is awesome.

i know of lots of couple who wish they stay on their own and can’t wait for their flats to be ready and i also know of some couple who actually do love staying with their parents after marriage. To each their own honestly and because we stayed on our own right after our wedding, here’s why i think it’s awesome staying on our own.

  • It’s the weekends and you can sleep in and snuggle in bed for as long as you want. Heck, if you wanna golek golek suka ria pun takde orang kisah or takde orang akan knock on your door and ask “korang laki bini masih hidup ke tak ni?” true story.
  • You know how sometimes you dah jemur baju, dah angkat baju and u tengok tu baju and you tak ada selera nak pi lipat baju? instead you feel like making your own Bt Timah in the house so you just longgok the entire laundry in the basket? No one cares! Unless your husband sakit mata. In this case, my husband and me has this unofficial agreement around the house. “if you sakit mata with the mess, you can clean it up. If not, bear with it.” hahahahaha . I swear most of the time, we turn a blind eye at the Baju Longgok!
  • You can cook whatever you feel like cooking / eating. Instead of having to eat whatever your mom or your in-laws cook. Even though u don’t like the food. Like i would be depressed each time my mom masak lauk dalcha previously but i’ll just eat it because kesian orang tu dah masak penat2. If you don’t feel like cooking, u order Mc’D and eat in front of the TV and no one cares. Unless your hubby the kind yang makan nak kena ada full table setup siap ada chinawares and serviettes ngan sudu garfu sebelah pinggan. fuuuh…
  • you can go bra-less in the house. best.feeling.evahhhh.
  • you can wear super short shorts even if your bontot is the size of russia, because the weather is such a bitch sometimes. I’m pretty sure you can’t do this at your in-laws.
  • you don’t have to fight with so many people over the damn remote! When i was still staying with my parents, we’ll end up watching LOTS of berita! TV1, TV3, Suria, Vasantham. I do not understand why my father need to watch so many Berita because i find Berita very depressing actually. In fact, the newspaper as well. I find that they feature too many negative stories. Macam malas nak amik tau. Nowadays, my husband will watch Suria Berita at 8.00pm just because it is an adult thing to do but some days i will just watch whatever i want.
  • You can conquer the entire 3-seater sofa while watching TV and no-one will tell you to make way for them.
  • laki bini gaduh, takde orang dengar. except probably your neighbours
  • you can cuddle on the sofa while watching TV and not feel awkwaaaard.
  • You can watch romantic/sex scenes on TV and not cringe because your Father-in-law is 2 seats away from you.

I’m pretty sure there are many more awesome perks of staying on your own and i’m sure staying with your parent’s and in-laws, you have your own perks too.

Like how u don’t need to go cook after u get back from work? Or do the household chores like sweeping and mopping or how there’s always someone home to receive your parcel or when u forget your house keys! haha


5 thoughts on “why staying on your own is awesome.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more to the remote control thingy and wearing whatever you want at home, and it can be just singlet and underwear. But staying with in-laws do have their perks too. haha.. like the laundry is always done and on my bed each time I reach home. hehehe..

    1. yeaaahhh one of the perks is you don’t have much housework to do. But i don’t think i would want my MIL to lipat my baju for me. hahaha

      When we went bali, we left our house keys with them, just to make sure the house is okie. Gas tak on etc. tau2 dia lipat baju sekali! hahahhaa

      oh my god. that was so embarassing.

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