Her, Trying To Conceive

Ready, set go!

I cleared the office today. Now it’s spick & span. 
Cleared half of the laundry, folded & hanged some of them. I honestly need to spring-clean my wardrobe.
I have too many clothes. My spring-clean mantra, if i have not used it for 6 months then i don’t need it! 

I’m gonna continue spring-cleaning this entire week. Friday is the surgery date and i’m just scared if i don’t clean up the house now, it’ll be a jungle next week. 
And i hope my menses don’t come before Friday cos if it does, we’ll have to reschedule my surgery and my schedule is so packed this November i don’t think i want to reschedule. 

Oh, the entire last week, i went on an online shopping frenzy. Most sites were having Sale and i know i was complaining i have too many clothes but i can’t help it! 

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