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Before she turns forty!

So the Sister-in-Law celebrated her 39th last weekend and arranged for a few of her close friends to join her in a baking workshop by her fellow ex-colleague. The entire group was made up of urmmm teachers cos my SIL is one.
So yes, apart from me & Dila, my other SIL, the rest are teachers and ke-teacher-an mereka sangat terserlah. LOL
I think it might just be me but most of the time i can tell if that person is a teacher! Teachers seems to have this aura among them and that is not a bad thing lah ok. I think teachers are awesome.

Ok i meant to tell you about the Tea Party cum Workshop she had.
Her ex-colleague Hawa, is a baking genius! The stuff she bakes is like an orgasm in the mouth, pardon the description but honestly, after keeping the cupcakes in the fridge for 3 days, it’s still nice & moist.

photo 1 (2)

#ootd. Lol

photo 1 (3)

Hawa held the workshop at her place. A cluster home at Sembawang.
It’s like Terraced houses but with condo facility, macam gitu lah and love love her home deco.

Hawa pre-baked all the cupcakes but she went on to show us how to make the cake batter and the buttercream.
We just had to decorate the cupcakes (which is undeniably the best part about making cupcakes kan.)

We were served cakes and bites for lunch.

photo 2 (2)

I swear picture don’t do this any justice. Lagik pakai camera iphone. Haprak.
On the left is this Apricot-Rosemary Crumble which is really really nice! Sigh.
Macam nak mintak lagi tapi malu. hahahahah

photo 1

I love love the teacup set. Cantik kan. She had so many nice cutlery which she gets from Australia mostly cos it’s cheaper.

photo 4 (2)

The cupcakes i decorated. Eh cantik kan? Hee

photo 2

The decadent Birthday Cake. so cantik, so sedap. It was so moist and chocolatey. Just the way i like my desserts.

We had the session from 2.00pm – 5.00pm and then went on to meet my Parent-in-laws and the husband for the birthday dinner.
Off we go to Le Steak Chef Amri cos they have yet to try the steak there. All of us took the steak and love the steak and the oysters!

photo 4 (3)

photo 3 (3)

Hello you juicy being.

photo 2 (3)

Gave kakak her birthday gift. heehee

Now something funny happened, my SIL had her hands full so she got my FIL to carry the Victoria Secret paperbag.
With my MIL hands wrapped around his arms, the two of them, with the VS Paperbag walked past Thohirah and boy did they and the VS Paperbag got some stares. Hahahahaha

They must be thinking “orang tua ni boleh tahan jugak” LOL

My in-laws noticed they got some attention but didn’t know why. So we told him it’s because he’s carrying the VS Paperbag.
He asked what’s Victoria Secrets.

“Papa, it’s a Lingerie brand. Hahhahahahah”

That look on his face. Priceless.

9 thoughts on “Before she turns forty!”

  1. Hahah… I like the VS paperbag part!! lol…. My mum nearly use a La Senza paperbag that belongs to my sis.. And I had to tell her that La Senza is a lingerie bag, only then she threw the bag away! I can imagine if she walk past all those youngsters, confirm boleh dapat stare punye!

    1. hahahahhahaha ehhh at least nanti org ingat your mom hot mama.

      my husband refuse to hold the VS paperbag. Nak suroh dia masuk VS pun dia tak nak seh!

  2. You ni pepagi dah kasi i craving nak makan steak lah! Hmpf…

    And hahahahahha to the VS episode. U all very kejam to have put them through that hahahahahaha

    1. i draft blog smlm pun i lapar sey! hahahaha
      The VS episode mmg kejam. Kesian bapak mertua ku. Lol

      Orang mesti pikir “happening ah old birds ni”

  3. Love the house, teacups, presentation and desserts. So yummy looking! And LOL at the ending which reminds me of my mum. She was giving out my bro’s invitation cards dekat majlis sedara dgn paper bag Minoshe. Ke hulur, ke hilir with that bag. Kad dah abes kasi baru terserempak itu kedai. LOL!

    1. Cantik kan?! I love it when people makes an effort with nice cutleries and food presentation seh.

      LOL at your mother. I think Lingerie brands should have discreet paperbags ah. Or maybe we should all hide our lingerie paperbags from our parents.

  4. Oh no! I LOLed so hard at this entry my mee siam sprayed all over my phone! But seriously the cupcakes you decorated are the bomb! Asal kedai cannot be generous like you with their toppings? And this Hawa lady… does she sell her desserts? Or she only does baking workshops? Her crumble is making my mouth water *drools*

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