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feeding the carnivores

if you don’t know, there is a new Halal Steakhouse in town!

It’s Le Steak by Chef Amri, located at Jalan Kayu. Super far from Bt Panjang but we are known to be willing to travel for food. hee hee
After having Tony Roma’s Rib Eye Steak at KL, i find Halal steaks in Singapore booooring. Lagik2 si swensen nya steak.
Save for Badoque’s! But that one is super massive, i can never finish it.

So i was really glad when i got to know of the new steakhouse.
They offer Sirloin, Rib Eye and other premium cuts. I took Ribeye and at a reasonable $16.90 price tag, i think i’ve found my go-to-steakhouse.

photo 1

It is a very cosy restaurant with most of the seats outside. Because it’s fairly new and people are still curious about it, do expect huge crowds and long queue lines during the weekend. Luckily we only had to wait about 20mins to get a seat. Those behind me had to wait at least between 30-45mins.

But it was worth the wait.

photo 1

Firstly, cos the oysters (which are only available from Friday – Sunday) are really really fresh.
It’s $18.00 for 1/2 dozen and good as appetizers.

photo 2
I’m a bit on the fence on their Mushroom Soup. They remind me of Botak Jones.
A bit too thick with an overwhelming mushroom taste but Botak Jones lagik worst.
This is bearable and i finished the entire bowl, but i don’t think i’ll order it again.

photo 3

My plate.
Rib Eye steak, cooked medium with Mashed potato and garlic bread.
It was juicy. cooked just how i like it. The meat is tender pink but no blood oozing out because i hate it when people under-cook Medium steaks.
photo 4

His plate.
Rib Eye Steak, medium with Pasta Salad and Potato Salad.

Ok, the patato salad colour  a bit of a turn off ah. Cos it was too bright.
Macam makanan Avatar. Lol
Taste-wise, the hubs said rasa lemak cili padi. wth. i don’t know how come potato salad leh rasa lemak cili api.
But the pasta salad was nice!

photo 2

We ended off the night with their Belgian Waffles. I love it but the husband wasn’t too impressed lah.
I love it cos the waffle macam crispy gitu and it was served warm.

With all that, kita merangkak drive balik to Bukit Panjang and felt like it was the longest journey evahhhh.

Another good thing, Le Steak don’t charge GST and Service charge so u save a lot especially if you guys are in big groups!
Oh, and they do not accept reservations. Only walk-ins.
They are located at the same stretch as Thohirah Restaurant, so parking spaces are aplenty.

Go try Le Steak if you’re a fan of red meat!


9 thoughts on “feeding the carnivores”

  1. semalam on tv, ‘aset’ got interview on this, I think. I didn’t watch, I was in my room candy-crushing heh. my dad was in the living room watching the tv and he’s like, ADIK ADIK MANE NI MANE NI?! I came running out ingatkan ape. -.-” then I said, ala.. ni kat jalan kayu situ.. JOM!. then my mom menyampok, ah jom ah jom. then sume macam happy vibes, pastu he got to know it’s steak, then he nag and nag. hahaha. pasal dier tak makan steak. ape kene laa.. potong stim. but I will go! one day! with.. sesape yang kuase ar nak layan. haha. pasal I tinggal west yo.

    1. hahahhahahaha
      tell your dad they sell some other stuff as well.
      i saw some people eating pastas and also some other seafood stuff. I didn’t see the rest of the menu. Cuma tgk steak aja! Buruk seh perangai. carnivore habis!

      1. my dad is so very the melayu. he’s the kind of pakcik yang have breakfast and lunch at hajjah maimunah! and bile feeling2 ompoteh he goes over to mcd counter and say I want fish burger and then comes home and proudly announce that he ate mcd for bfast. and fish burger no cheese no tata sauce. hopefully that place ade fish n chips for him hahah!

        thanks for the heads up!

  2. we are going to try for dinner tonite. we tinggal dpan jalan tapi tak pernah try…selalu nampak orang line up sure bagus. tapi my bro makan set lunch last saturday, happy , senyum lebar . so tonite kita pergi nanti I kasi ulasan …he..he..My 25th Weding Aniv. Doakan semoga terus berkekalan ,ok. thx.

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