Trying To Conceive

taking effect

I am finally feeling the side effects from Clomid. Not that i’ve been waiting or wanting it but it finally hit me today.

I’m usually cold and i can survive quite long without the fan on, so surprise surprise today, right after the heavy downpour, i was complaining of the heat and the husband told me it’s cold! Now this man is a polar bear. Jarang sekali dia cakap cuaca sejuk. I checked his forehead and yup, he’s not sweating! So why the hell am i having hot flashes, if it’s not cos of Clomid kan?

In the afternoon, i was annoyed for some reason (i really don’t know why cos i work from home, i don’t have colleagues to annoy me, but i feel very annoyed, macam serba tak kena) And then, my daddy had to call me of all the times. I nearly snapped at him just now. Nearly lah. I sensed the annoyance creeping out of me as i speak to him but wa maintain je ah beb. Ni kalau ter-snap kat bapak sendiri, mau dia datang rumah bawak hanger nanti. 😦

Today, i didn’t feel like working at all. Malas semacam. Tengok email & whatsapp pun macam malas nak reply. So yeah, if you have whatsapp / email me, i’ll try get back to you soon ok. I’m having  bad day today.

I read somewhere Clomid will take at least 6 – 8 weeks to vacate from our system.
apa buat kat dalam lama2?

on a random note, i hate it when people tried to make a joke out of this. Like what my ex-boss ever told me in passing
“Aiyah, pregnant easy lah. U just have sex during ovulation then pregnant lor.”


ok dah finish ranting. i shall go hide myself now before i kill someone.

10 thoughts on “taking effect”

  1. That’s cute babe , i am on some medication as well , treating the PCOS / Regulating my menses and ovulation , currently i am metformin and damn the medication making me nausea and gagging every after meal like one pregnant women . hahahaha .. takpe lah kite susah skg jer …,insyallah ade hikmah nye .

  2. Daily , 1500 mg per day . Medication is given for 3 months till the next blood test again . That was given by the endocrinologist , see lah if the gynae wanna add any more meds when i’m up for review next week ., been on met for 5 days and my menses came. I don’t even remember when was the last time i had once in a month menses sey ..

  3. dah abis hiding ker blom? hehehyeah man i remember the feeling of nak muntah2 just by taking the pills. me no likey! hopefully it’ll have a better effect on you. For me, the higher the dosage tak load pun… meh! -_-

    1. hahahha blom. masih in hiding. hahah
      so far i blom muntah2 but im spotting mid-cycle but i’ve read it’s normal. heh

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