Trying To Conceive


looks like the hot flashes are here to stay. sad face gila.
i cannot stand the heat even though the fan is right in front of me. In the car, i’m the one adjusting the air-con vents. Usually that’s what my husband does.

yesterday night, i was busy preparing cupcakes for the sister-in-law cos she needed it for her boss farewell party.
but punyalah banyak sangkak. I swear it was a disaster right from the beginning. From the under-cook cake to the frosting cair.
Pikir balik, apa punya suey lah semalam tu.

So i had to go down to Giant to get more butters and all to re-do the cupcakes and that was already 9.00pm.
At the butter section, there was this auntie in about her 50s i think, tgh belek2 butter yang those spreadable ones.
Because the section is so small, i tunggu lah belakang dia so i can pick up the butter i want once she’s done.

Tunggu nya tunggu, dia masih belek2 tu butter so i pegi je lah sebelah dia and try to grab my butter which is at the top right corner.
Aku dah ler pendek, terjengkit2 nak amik butter si aunty pulak took the opportunity to ask me questions about butter. Macam lah aku ni butter nya sales promoter.

Holding up two different butter of the same brand, she asked me;
Auntie: “sorry ah.. this one and this one which one is better?”
me: ” i don’t know lah auntie”
Auntie: “oh.. what’s the difference ah?”
Me: “this one reduced salt this one reduced fats lah.”
Auntie: “then which one better?”
Me: “i don’t know. i don’t eat that brand”
Auntie: ” oh.. then u eat what brand? this one healthier or this one healthier?”
Me: “this one less salt. this one less fat. u want which want? more salts or more fats??”
Auntie: “aiyoh!!! i don’t want fats lah!”
Me: “ah.. then u take the less fats one lah!”
Auntie: “got less salt and less fats or not?”
Me: “don’t have”
Auntie: “so which one better?”
Me: “Ehhhh aunty, how i know which one better for your family. the one eating the butter is you leh. not me. you keeping asking me, you think i go your house eat the butter is it???”

I lost it there and then. Terkejut jap aunty tu dengan bangla yang tengah pilih susu kat sebelah. haha
Aku tengah berpeluh2, kancheong pasal cupcake yang musnah ranap, dia sibuk tanya aku pasal butter.
Tak nak salt, tak nak fats jangan ler makan butter.
Makan lah strawberry jam ke, roti ngan telur ke apa ke. Apa kena mengena aku ngan butter dia.

That, my dears, is the story of how i snapped at an aunty at Giant. Over butters.
I’m pretty sure i’m gonna laugh about this soon once clomid is out of my system. But as of now, i’m still bingit with that aunty.

6 thoughts on “snap!”

  1. Haiseh… breathe in breathe out. Insya-allah will get out of your system soon and hopefully effective so you won’t have to go through it again. *hugs*

  2. *hugs* it’ll get out of ur system soon. I ketawa bila baca this entry. Teringat balik the day i snapped at watson’s cashier angkara clomid ni. Tehehe

    1. i know right. after that, i terus teringat your encounter. now i know how frustrating it feels.

      Now, bila my husband start to annoy me sikit, i will quickly go away and calm myself down. lol

      1. Yeah. Can make clomid-induced comedy skit. My close gf once cekik her husband* while on clomid cos he annoyed her. LOL.

        But to her credit, all was worth it. She finally conceived. And less than a year after the first child, now tgh expecting a second one. Alhamdulillah.

        *no husband was harmed throughout the clomid journey. LOL

    2. hahahahahaha
      ok at least there was a positive outcome! Alhamdulillah.

      Selalu the 2nd one mesti mcm unexpected. A gf of mine took quite some time to conceive the first one. was even considering ivf. Then got pregant on her 3rd clomid cycle. The 2nd one was conceived accidentally 2 years later. lol

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