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Dine at J

After the gynae appointment on Thursday, i head off to Bugis to meet Joy & Kim, two of my oldest girlfriends, to celebrate Kim’s birthday.
Thank god the gynae appointment didn’t take long so i had time to shop for Kim’s birthday present!

The thing about being pregnant, everybody tend to ask me what to eat. It’s always “what does your baby feel like eating?” Errrr… nothing? Hahaha
I feel pressured each time people ask me to suggest eating places because not everybody have the same taste as me. What might be interesting to me might not even appeal to them. I honestly didn’t know what to suggest and then i remembered i wanted to try J’s at Purvis Street but never got round to it. So we made a reservation for 6.30pm through their website the day before the dinner date.

I don’t meet these two often. The last time we met up was in April, for Joy’s birthday. But like all my other girlfriends, we’ll always have awesome conversations and catch up from where we left. I think that’s the best thing with girlfriends, eh?

We were the 1st one to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. By 6.45pm, the place was full with dinner crowds, all with reservations. So if you intend to visit J’s, be sure to make a reservation because it is a small cosy dining place.

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