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Dine at J

After the gynae appointment on Thursday, i head off to Bugis to meet Joy & Kim, two of my oldest girlfriends, to celebrate Kim’s birthday.
Thank god the gynae appointment didn’t take long so i had time to shop for Kim’s birthday present!

The thing about being pregnant, everybody tend to ask me what to eat. It’s always “what does your baby feel like eating?” Errrr… nothing? Hahaha
I feel pressured each time people ask me to suggest eating places because not everybody have the same taste as me. What might be interesting to me might not even appeal to them. I honestly didn’t know what to suggest and then i remembered i wanted to try J’s at Purvis Street but never got round to it. So we made a reservation for 6.30pm through their website the day before the dinner date.

I don’t meet these two often. The last time we met up was in April, for Joy’s birthday. But like all my other girlfriends, we’ll always have awesome conversations and catch up from where we left. I think that’s the best thing with girlfriends, eh?

We were the 1st one to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. By 6.45pm, the place was full with dinner crowds, all with reservations. So if you intend to visit J’s, be sure to make a reservation because it is a small cosy dining place.

We decided not to order too much, because reviews mentioned their portions are huge. For appretizers, we ordered the Chef’s Salad ($18.00)

And yes even the Chef’s Salad is huge! It came with chunks of roasted chicken and avocado slices. Very nice.
Joy & Kim seems to like the Sesame salad dressing. I find it so so though.

Our mains took a while to reach, partly because everybody in the restaurant ordered at the same time! Lol
But we occupied ourselves with the Salad which took us a while to finish up and the complimentary ice-cold water which they top up frequently. Yay to that! I hate restaurants who insist on charging $0.50 for sky juice. Lol

Joy’s main dish came first. She ordered the Braised Lamb Shank ($33.00). It is huge chunk of meat with the softest mash potato. The meat is also so tender, you don’t need to chew it! We thought the portion for the lamb shank is quite small but Joy was so full by the end of the meal!

Kim ordered the Beef Burrito ($25.00). It was nice but again too filling because there’s cilantro rice in it.


I ordered the Beef Quesadillas ($24.00) and it’s yummy! I love the meat filling inside for it’s filled with more meat than veges. But i only managed to eat a piece of it. Requested them to pack the remaining two pieces for me to bring home instead.

Dining at J’s was a pleasant experience. Plus point for the regular drink top ups. You don’t even have to ask them for it. I figure that’s the perk of dining at a cosy place. Food served here are really nice and i’ll try the Paella next maybe! I was very closed to ordering the Paella but i had a feeling i won’t be able to finish it and Rusly wasn’t around to finish it for me.

Location wise, it’s a walking distance from Bugis Junction. Just across Bras Basah Complex. Parking would be quite difficult though cos the street parking and all but shouldn’t be a problem if you park at Bras BAsah Complex and walk because it’s a short distance away.

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    1. They will layan everything one seriously! Just tell them u don’t want sayur! Eh one day we go there for lunch nak? Ajak ain. Before your ML ends!

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