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Big Tickets

Many times, i’m left wondering how can someone small require a lot of things once they’re born and i really mean a lot!
I was overwhelmed when i followed the Baby’s Market on FB and went thru the baby shopping list. I tried cutting down on things that i think the baby might not need but there’s just still so much to buy & prepare for.

But i’ve been striking off some big ticket items off the list now since i’ve been in a mood to research and all. I cannot imagine doing this in my last trimester if my last  trimester is a mirror to my 1st trimester. Lol

By big ticket items, i mean stuff that the baby would need to use for long, bulky and fairly important.

One that  i’ve striked off the list is the baby cot. Sleeping arrangements has always been at the back of my mind because i know there’s no way i would allow the baby to sleep on the bed with us because Rusly is not exactly someone who can keep still when he sleeps. Neither can  i. So i know there has to be a baby cot in the room. So when i found out about this 5-in 1 Convertible Cot, i knew it’s a God-Sent!


I love that it can be converted into a bedside bed. So i’ll technically have the baby next to me when i sleep, but not on the same bed.
When the baby outgrows the cot, it can then be converted to a toddler bed next.

It was also going on offer at $159.00 because we pre-ordered it and will collect it at the October Baby Fair later. It’s usually going for $288.00 here. So a little savings there! Better than nothing, eh?

I also wanted to get a rocker / swing for the baby and decided on the Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat because they were having this awesome bundle that’s hard to resist.

Baby not included.
Baby not included.

The retail price is at $229.00 here but the Baby Market had a pre-order bundle where at $299.00, the Ingenuity Washable Playard worth $339.00 is also included! So technically i saved $269.00!


Love that it comes with a changing table and the entire playard is machine-washable. I just think it’s much more hygienic to be able to wash the entire playard. We’ll probably only use the playard when the baby is bigger though since the baby should be sleeping in the baby cot most of the time.

They also have a lot of stroller deals but for strollers, i would rather see and test it for myself before buying, partly because the stroller is also one of the most expensive big ticket item in the baby list! I have a lot of strollers in  my maybe-lists although i’m really keen on one of them as it fits 90% of my criteria. I spent so much time researching on it because i have so many criteria for a stroller! Will do up a post on it next maybe!

The next big ticket item i’m still contemplating on is the Breast Pump (of all things!). I don’t know if i really need one since i’ll be a stay at home mum but what if i really need it and i don’t have it with me? Like if i have blocked ducts or engorgements etc. But what if i’m unable to breastfeed? You know, that kind of dilemma?

As for baby clothings and all, i think i’ll wait for Carter’s Black Friday Sale in November where everything will go for 50% off!
Think it’ll be a huge savings because even though clothings are pretty cheap, friends keep saying babies need lotsa clothes and they outgrow it so fast so i don’t see a need to buy clothes at full retail price especially for newborns! Lol
I think baby clothes are so much cheaper online! Have u seen the price tag at Mothercare and Kiddy Palace? Phew.

This is only a portion of the Baby List. If you’re keen to see, the Baby List is up here! Let me know if i’ve missed out anything!
Think i can clear half of it before the 2nd trimester ends. Hopefully i can clear everything by end of the year although i hope i don’t end up spending unnecessarily at the Baby Fair. I have a feeling i’ll be lost and get all sucked into buying useless baby stuff there! Lol

12 thoughts on “Big Tickets”

  1. Hi dyan! Congrats on ur pregnancy.. just wanted to let you know on my thoughts about the breastpump. I would say no need for the fancy schmancy electric ones but keep a manual for just in case. I wish someone had told me that before i purchased an expensive electric one for my first baby. Im a SAHM too.. doing full breastfeeding for my second baby. Just have a manual pump so that you can standby a pack or two at home for those ‘want to run errands’ day… by latching on demand, supply will be enough.. you must just have the mindset you have enough and warn you first, first few weeks will be tiring as hell. The key to breastfeeding is more demand thus more supply ok.. sorry for the super long entry. Can’t wait to see your little one dear! :))

    1. Hello! Thank you for your opinions! That was really helpful! I was also thinking of just getting a manual one for emergency ataupun the Spectra M1 cos that’s the cheapest electric one which has good reviews. I don’t think i’ll be spending on the Medela Freestyle though since it’ll be probably underused. Hehe

      1. Yeap yeap gd gd! Im using the medela harmony which was gd as well. Husband gt it at 40++ sgd via amazon which he lug together with some of his company stuffs! Hehe. Nt dat i always use it anyway. Heard gd stuffs abt the spectra also. Asalkan back up ade and gt abit of stash for standby cnlah. Enjoy whats left of yr pregnancy k!

  2. Woah. And here I am still looking at maternity clothes to buy. The closest I’ve been to searching for baby stuff was deciding on the stroller. We’ve decided to get the Bugaboo Cameleon – a tad pricey but at 9kg, all terrain wheels, options to change the height of the handle, can easily fit a Maxicosy car seat, plus it comes with a bassinet for newborns and all it takes is the press of one button to fold it down.. we were sold. We’ve tried it out and loved the way the wheels could manoeuvre smoothly. It might be cheaper to get it from Amazon directly though.

    Oh.. and I would recommend the foldable baby bath from Stokke. I saw it at Motherworks in Katong112 and I was sold. So getting that. Easy to use, light, and easy to store. I think it was retailing at $75.

    1. Lol i gave up searching on maternity clothes since i have a lot of dresses. Instead im buying tops that’s breastfeeding-friendly cos i don’t have much button down shirts and all!

      The Bugaboo is in my list too! But i don’t know if we should splurge on a stroller since there’s so many things to buy! Hahaha. Although i’m sure when i finally try out the Cameleon, i’ll love it too much to let it go. So maybe i should try it last! Lol

      I saw the Stokke bath tub and while it is easy to fold, light and easy to store, i’m looking for a bath tub that has a stand. Cos i have a bad back and it might be a chore for me to keep bending etc. So many things to keep in mind seh!

  3. Hello! Mummy’s Market deals boleh buat mata rambang hehehe! But do take note of the super long queues & inefficient cashier systems during its fair – my husband & I were not impressed by these.

    Anyway, I encourage you to shop for baby’s toys, clothes, Pampers wet wipes at Onesies (Gerber brand) selling at USD 12 for 5 pieces and a thick pack of wet wipes for about S$3 – definitely a good bargain. Free shipping for above USD125.

    I also bought my Avent double electric pump there. I think around USD300 (as compared to SGD 700+ in retail stores). Because the plug/power outlet is different, buy the adapter from Mustafa (less than $2).

    Currently using Combi Miracle Turn because the ever practical husband wants a pretty light stroller and one that folds easily when packing it into the boot of the car.

    All the best and happy shopping hehehe!

    1. Yes!! Very rambang! I hope they don’t start posting on benda2 yang i tak perlu tapi cute. If not i’ll end up buying those as well! Hahaha

      A lot of people have been telling me to buy from Amazon too and utilise that free global shipping. I might just do that soon!

      My top priority for a stroller is also the weight. It has to be preferably between 7 – 8 kg at most, with a one-hand fold. God, i am so cerewet when it comes to strollers, i always find fault with one model or another. Lol

    1. I wish rusly is a fan of goin in to JB because i honestly don’t mind. But he hates driving in to JB so i shall not even suggest!

      And yes you lagik pengsan everything x 2. U need a lot of space at home! lol

  4. Planning to breastfeed? Please don’t EVER let anyone tell you you don’t have enough milk! Good choice on the cot. I think it’ll be in bedside bed mode for at least 6 months until baby doesn’t feed at night. Hehe.

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