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sweet saturday

So we finally had a free saturday last week and made an impromptu trip to Bugis to watch Robocop (do u know this is the 1st time i’ve watched Robocop!). Since we were at that area, i proposed La Marelle for dinner.

Now, one of my 2014 must-do is visit as many halal / muslim-owned cafes and we have already started 2014 with I Am Cafe. Which i have yet to tell you guys about. But yeah, we went to I Am on New Year’s Day. Maybe next time i’ll tell you about it.




I’m in love with their interior. So bright & quirky. Rusly don’t really like it though. he finds it too colourful. Pening with all the bright colours. Everybody say Borrrrrriiiiinggggg.

They don’t have much seats available and it’s all crampy so if you hope to stay there duduk berjam-jam minum kopi, maybe not. Just give up the seats to the others waiting. But other that that, i love that place. Pretty pretty! Your girlfriends would love this place as well. They also sell really cute merchandise like bags and stationeries. Mad cute.



Because it’s a cafe, please don’t expect elaborate meals here. The mushroom ravioli is nice though!
Love that garlic cream sauce they used. Can i also mention they serve their foods on pretty plates. Lol

I can’t really remember how much these costs. But they are above $10.00 if i’m not wrong.
between $12 – $15?



We ordered a cake each. I chose the Chocolate one but was disappointed. It was nice but not super nice. Get it? I rarely get disappointed with chocolate cakes though. Or maybe i was just too full. Or maybe i should take the Hazelnut cake instead . But husband Caramel Mousse cake was nice!

No 1

With Le Husband. Nak jugak letak gambar. Lol
Any other cafes to recommend?

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