setting the bar high

at least that’s what he’s doing. Honestly, 1st half of the proposal was a little bit too cheesy for me lah.
But that’s just me. Others might find it cute but it was a little cringe-worthy.

But the last half made me cry cos whatever he said, it was obviously straight from his heart. so raw, so emotional.

ah….. such a nice feeling to be in love!

2 thoughts on “setting the bar high”

  1. i loved this too! and i agree with you on the first part. mcm never ending his spoilers. but towards the end, sweet giler! hais. if only i had a proposal like this. HAHAHAHAH

    1. hahahahha
      the starting macam terlalu byk sangat. If only they had kept to just 1 song aje then it’ll be cute. Lol

      but yes the ending i cried as if macam that Proposal was for me pulak. hahaha

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