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fueling up

2 weeks ago, i brought the hubby to Carousel.
I’ve not been there in years! I use to go there once every two months and then i got sick of it and stopped going and tried different buffet places but Carousel is still the best to me.

The hubby, on the other hand have never tried Carousel. Can you believe it!
He’ve tried others, but not Carousel!

Because Carousel is always full house on weekends, we made our reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.

Carousel did not dissapoint me again. Love the food selection still.

20130921_185445 20130921_18545020130921_185501 20130921_185504

juicy, fat oysters, i love you so.



The chicken rice was dissapointing though but then again who the hell eats Chicken Rice at Buffets! lol
But i LOVE the risotto. So much that i wanna try making my own soon! Jamie Oliver is gonna help me do one! hee

20130921_184640 20130921_184718
We don’t always take picture of each other, honestly and here’s us, expanding horizontally always. lol

3 thoughts on “fueling up”

  1. I feel the same love for Carousel too! There’s nothing quite like it for halal buffets. Especially their high tea. Hehe. I think other places have good foods too but are too filling to eat that say $80 worth 😉

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