all dressed up

Few days back, i met an old girlfriend, who got married few months before me.
She is also trying to conceive so yes we are still enjoying couple time with our spouses.

but i couldn’t resist asking her “what the hell happen to you?”
i wanted to add in “did the robber take away your entire wardrobe?!”

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m never judgemental on what people wear and don’t wear but i was taken aback when she said
“i’m married already what. Nak melawa lagi buat apa?” 

To each her own honestly but isn’t looking presentable an unspoken code among women, married or single.
And by being presentable, you don’t need to be flashing the latest IT bag, draping yourself in the finest silk and all the likes.

At least my definition of being presentable while out in the public;
washed hair, ironed clothes, proper footwear and at least a lightly made-up face or if you’re not someone who wears makeup, at least blot the oils away?

Kind of got me thinking, do married women get complacent?

7 thoughts on “all dressed up”

  1. before i got married i was makeup-lesss, dress down abis because i thought, “alah muka pecah rumah pun masih ada orang nak kawen per, okay lah tu!” lepas dah kawen ni tiba2 mcm presentation UP sikit, i duno whyy. but i think partly also feels good to dress up for the laki and also for myself. realized tt dressing down down down made me feel very sembarang and so i put in less effort in everything also.

    so… i guess i terbalik lah kan. hahabahahahhahaha.

    1. i agree on “dressing down down down made me feel very sembarang”

      Like on days when im wearing flip flops, say nak pergi beach ke apa kan, i will seret my kaki when i walk. like you know that annoying sound u make when u jalan. haha.
      I do that unconsciously and when i do realise it, i’ll feel like i’m so tak senonoh and it just doesn’t make me feel good.

      Even wearing sandals pun kadang2 make me feel conscious, no matter how nice and bling bling that sandal is. So i usually end up wearing my trusty flats. To me, wearing flats is senonoh enough for me. Tak pakai heels pun takpe. LOL

      and yes lah it feels good to dress up for the husband tapi tak best bila dia tanya “eh baju baru? Bila beli?” hahahahaha

      1. hahahahahhahaahhahahah at the last part lololol!!! yahh i hate feeling so “sloggi” so i decided to dress up and wear flats even if nak pegi marine parade aje lolz!

  2. Some of my friends from minah vogue turned into minah au naturale because their hubbies disallowed them from dressing up in public. So after several months, they don’t care already about their appearance. I especially see this with my Chinese friends. Dunno what’s with Chinese men and their love for au naturale women. But they don’t get it, most of us need some help to look “natural”. And sadly when they let themselves go, their hubbies turn to another.

    1. such a vicious cycle kan. U don’t want your wife to dress up in public but she does not, they end up falling for another woman who’s dressed so nicely. Tak faham lelaki2 ni semua.

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