BIG hair

I’ve got natural curls and my hair is really fine and limp hence when i chopped it short, memang lah masalah besar sekali.
Firstly because Abang sam forbade me to rebond my hair / flat iron it cos it will look even more flat and having flat short hair is not exactly nice for me. He told me i’ll need to blow dry my hair to get my desired results. But blow drying & styling my hair is seriously a bitch!
Blowdrying it with my normal hair dryer just did not yield the kind of result i wanted so i was on a lookout to splurge on a salon hairdryer.

While looking for reviews, i came across the Babyliss Big Hair. Watched youtube reviews and i was sold!
I’ve been using it for a month now and totally no regrets.

It’s not that expensive, compared to a salon hair dryer (which can cost up to $300 for  really good one) but it does an equally good job! Perfect for noobs like me and it takes me about 15mins to get my short bob in place.

This was one of the reviews done for shorter hair. I was sold after this video because her hair texture is about the same as mine.

Those with longer hair, you can also use this and smoothen your tresses with it really quickly.

I got mine here and it’s retailing for $159.00
Totally worth it for all the time it has saved me! Recommended Liza to get and she loves it too!

And no, this is not a blog advertorial! lol

2 thoughts on “BIG hair”

  1. Looking at your photos, I would never have thought your hair was the fine and limp kind o_O Hehe. Just had to tell you that.

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