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Goodbye Raya!

So last weekend marks the end of our Raya celebration for 2016! It has been exhausting! The first two weeks were spent going around relatives houses.

2016-07-16 13.54.242016-07-16 14.04.182016-07-16 14.27.44We wore last year’s baju! Nadya can still fit in her 6-month old dress. It’s a perfect fit!  My baju was ketat though. Malas lah eh nak cakap. Lol.

We hosted some of Nadya’s friends over at our place! It was so fun but honestly so chaotic as well! Hahahaha. So many kids all over the place. mana yang terpekik, yang nangis, yang gaduh. Lol . But kids are kids ah. Janji they’re not in a compromising situation, gasak korang lahhh.

2016-07-15 20.51.30.jpg
2016-07-15 21.30.312016-07-15 23.09.532016-07-15 23.12.332016-07-15 23.13.53

Last Friday was the gathering for the HK girls. It’s our yearly routine. No matter how busy, we’ll meet up for Raya at someone’s house so we can just spend the whole time there instead of moving from one place to another.

12Ma3Mad love for these girls! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years now!

The next day, we went over to Farhana’s place to meet up with the bloggirls and their babies! Ermahgerddddd so many cutie patooties, my ovaries can’t handle it. Hahahaha

2016-07-23 22.50.282016-07-23 22.50.442016-07-23 22.50.522016-07-23 22.51.03

The following day, right after my sister’s wedding, we went to the final Open house invitation at Hosni & Nini’s place with the Terminal Cry family.
And that’s it for this year Raya! All baju kurung dah nak kena ziplock somewhere already!
Said it before and i’m gonna say it again. Raya this year was exhausting but fun. All because of Nadya! ❤


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Say Mummy!

I’ve been trying so hard to make Nadya call me Mummy. To no avail. It’s always Mama-mama-mama. I mean i’ll give her A for effort ah but i won’t settle for Mama. Gotta be Mummy, honey.

So i’ve been saying Mummy-Mummy-Mummy repeatedly to her few weeks back and then she’s started calling me Bi instead. Until last week.
She called me Bubi. Which really really sounds like oink-oink obviously and she won’t stop calling me that!

The other day we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza and she wanted something from the display at the store and called out loud “Bubi!!!”. I swear the makcik in front of her looks so horrified! Mesti dia ingat aku ajar anak aku mencarut. I don’t know mana to sembunyikan muka aku seh.

From then on, each time Nadya calls me Bubi, i go “No… No..No.. it’s ok… Mama! Say Mama!” Kesian anak aku confused. Tak tau nak panggil mak dia apa.

Yes baby, Mama will do. Say Mamaaaaaaa.
Let’s forget the Bubi, shall we? Nanti dah besar sikit, i teach u again say Mummy ok.


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Eid Mubarak 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wanted to draft this much much earlier but i was caught up with work & also trying to chillax a bit and catch up drama serials.

This Raya is our 2nd Raya with Nadya! Her 1st Raya, she was only 6mths old and it was easy peasy cos she was still in that sleepy stage. This year Raya is a circus! Hahaha

Now that Nadya can walk & move around on her own, we’ve decided not to hias the house so much. We left the cookie jar on the dining table and kept away the coffee table away.


Even then, she’ll panjat the chairs and try and reach for the cookies. Her favourites are the choc chip ones and honey cornflakes. Sometimes we’ll both sit on the couch, watch TV and eat the cookies from the cookie jar. hee


We wore Black for the 1st day and i love the baju kurung that Nadya wore! We got it from a Malaysian designer cos i forgot to make one for her in Black. Wthhhh.

Raya this year was quite disorientated for me cos of the Sampul Raya & Dear Raessa Raya collection which went well despite some hiccups! But yes, everything also last minute. I bought kuih from some random makcik stall 2 days before Raya because i forgot to order from the usual kakak. I miss her Cornflakes cookies seh!

Even Nadya’s baju raya was mostly the samples i made for Dear Raessa.
Then i see whichever yang fit her and also check Rusly’s baju raya inventory and then buy something that i can match. Jadilah kan.

I love how comfortable this Maroon Kurung is! So easy to move and by the 2nd Shawal, pretty obvious i tak kuasa to wear heels and wore my Fit Flops. I swear that thing is used to death.

It is not funny ok to try and run after your toddler with heels.
But at least this year we made do without a Diaper Bag besar nak mampos macam nak balik kampung. Last year we had to bring her milk formulas and lotsa diapers. Extra clothes lah, rattles lah. Eh macam khazanah lah.

Now that she’s on Fresh Milk Feed and she don’t ask for milk that much, we just buy Meiji Fresh Milk outside and serve it to her with a straw. So the only thing we bring are her diapers, wetwipes & waterbottle. Usually can fit in my own bag ah. Else i’ll get Rusly to bring the Jujube Quick. Lol.


2016 Family Picture with a new addition!
We’ll have another new family member next year cos my youngest sister is getting married next week! Actually ahhh… I think i haven’t even blogged about my 2nd sister wedding pun.

So many things to blog & document but no time!
But Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Would also like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness for any unhappiness i’ve caused unintentionally. ❤

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We managed to go out jalan-jalan last sunday. A full day outing instead of a “singgah sini jap after an errand”.

Started the day with Nadya’s private pool party! lol
It’s really private cos dia sorang je muat masuk pool tu anyway. She’s been taking the pool out so many times, i’m sure she really miss getting in it.


We had Mcdonald’s for brunch and i took a long shower, did my makeup, snapchatted the entire thing and she was still sleeping. If only she’s like this all the time.

2016-05-22 17.18.332016-05-22 17.25.31

Our OOTD! Nadya is back to wearing headbands!
We kinda snipped off her fringe cos it was poking in her hair eyes and now it’s too short and cos she’s got straight as a ruler hair, she really look like a boy lah. But then again, luckily she got straight hair! I grew up with wavy hair and hated it so much. hahaha.
When i was pregnant with her, i kept praying and hoping, she’ll get Rusly’s straight hair. I forgot to add that hopefully it’ll be all thick like Rusly’s as well. In the end she has Rusly straight hair with my fine hair texture. hahaha. ok lah fair enough. Eh panjang lebar pulak pasal rambut.

DSC064332016-05-22 17.04.13We went to the playground while Rusly go and fetch the car. As usual she loves the slides & the stairs. I think she just like climbing in general. Can climb all day err day.

2016-05-22 18.31.25-12016-05-22 18.31.06

We went to Wheelock to get Rusly’s crazy lens for his gig this weekend and then to Sephora ION! Weeeeeeee.

We were going around ION, trying to look for a place we can have our dinner but it was packed everywhere! So we moved away from town and i thought it’ll be a good time to go to Pasarbella Suntec and try Cajun on Wheels!


We got the Poseidon Bucket ($108.00) which serves 2-3.
It is quite ex but i love seafood so i find it worth it ah. Too bad the Sambal belacan sauce was out of stock so we chose the Salted Egg sauce which was nice but i really wish i had the Sambal Belacan one instead. Lol. Padahal tak pernah rasa sambal belacan sauce dia camana. Lol. Not sure if we’ll come back though! It’s really hard to get seats on weekend and not exactly baby friendly. I think there were only few baby chairs. Luckily we brought the stroller along.


We ended dinner quite late and i was feeling like a bad mom cos Nadya is still out & about so late at night but i saw this picture just now and i thought screw all bedtime rules. Nadya look so happy here. They grow up really fast and sleep is for the weak. Hahahhaah. ok i take that back. Nadya need to sleep cos i need to do work. Lol

I love weekends like this. Especially if it involves us three. ❤


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Tokyo Day 5 (Harajuku)

Ok we are finally at Day 5! LOL.
this would be the last daily entry on Tokyo. The next one would probably be a cost breakdown and tips for those bringing kids as i had some email requests on this. So sorry i’m taking so long to draft it out.


It’s our last day in Tokyo and because our flight is at 8.50pm and we’ll have to be at the airport around 5.00pm, we took the chance to go to Harajuku! I deliberately chose to explore Harajuku on Monday because i’ve heard it can be quite ribut macam Bazaar Ramadhan on sundays and i honestly tak kuasa nak rempuh the crowd. Then again, i’m not into cosplay etc so if you are, then go on Sunday!

We took a cab down to Harajuku cos we didn’t wanna waste time and we requested for the cab driver to stop us nearby Pablo! It is actually really near to one of the subway exit, i just don’t know which exit. So sorry!


Look out for this sign cos it’s in  one of the small lane!


This is to die-for korang! You must try this if you’re in Tokyo! They have few outlets all over Tokyo but the one i went to is a Cafe so you can sit down and eat it there. We ate these mini cheesecake pies for breakfast! We chose the mini ones to eat cos the big one is bigger than my palm so we brought it back to Singapore instead!


It survived a 6 hr plane ride guys! I wanted to choose the raw texture where the cheese will ooze out and all but scared it will not survive the plane ride. Haha.

Pablo also have a few souvenir snacks for you to buy home. We bought lots of them! Not cheap to be honest but so worth it cos it’s really really nice!! I snapchat it last time but forgot to download the video and i don’t have pictures so i’m an awful blogger cos i’m making you google for the picture yourself . It’s called Sabrel Cheese and it’s actually butter biscuits with cheese. So lemak and sedap. They have a few others, i bought each of everything and semua sedap!

Right after Pablo, we head on to Takeshita Street which is just 3-5 minutes away by foot.
Can i also mention it was freezing that morning that Rusly almost wanted to buy a glove cos he left his at the apartment, thinking he can steady kacang rempuh the weather. Of course i told him not to buy the gloves cos we’re going home that very night and he should just sumbat his hands in his pocket. That’s why you should listen to your wife guys. Learn from this.


We bought most of our souvenir and small knick-knacks from here. Fridge magnets & keychains for most of our friends and then we head off to Calbee+ for snacks!


These are delish! I particularly love the potato sticks! They really goreng these panas2 before serving it to you! We took the Royce Chocolate & Cheese one and i personally like the cheese one. They also sell lotsa calbee snacks in small packs which makes really great souvenir. our family loves it and i keep eating them. -___-


Next stop is CREPES!!! We went to the Marion one as recommended by Farna! So sedap!
I took a safe option though. Choco-Banana. Safe nak mampos. I need to be more adventurous with my food choices!


Our next stop is Kiddy Land! Trust me, aku yang lagi excited seeing all the toys there. So many cute stuff!!! I bought lotsa toys for my nieces & nephews. and also Nadya of course and me. Hahahahha. I know i do not look like someone who’ll get excited over toys. But really, i do. The toys are quite pricey but they are of good quality and some are released in Japan only. I think i spent close to S$300 on toys alone. wtf.

2016-02-08 13.23.462016-02-08 18.56.41 - CopyWe finished up our shopping by 3.00pm, took a cab back to the apartment to pack stuff and then checked out by 4.00pm. Took the NEX back to Narita, checked in all our luggages before getting our last dinner in Tokyo,

I love this one a lot! It’s in the airport itself and certified halal so makan lah tanpa was-was! lol It’s pretty much self service so u get to dispense as much broth as u want. The broth is simple tapi flavorful and that telur goyang, stop it seh.

2016-02-08 17.37.11IMG_82382016-02-08 18.02.072016-02-08 18.28.32
Spamming pictures of Nadya cos her pipi so red from the weather and all and it’s so cute!!!
The redness subsides the next day so dah tak leh feeling anak jepun lagik. Oh wells, we’ll make do with blusher k baby!

IMG_8345IMG_8347IMG_8351Flight home went well. Nadya slept most of the time so i ate her infant meal as well. Hahaha. Our luggage didn’t beranak that much but if you’re travelling for about a week with a baby, expect that amount of luggage and backpack lah, carryon luggage lah, mak dia peh handbag lah. I no longer travel light seh.

So that wraps up our Japan adventure! I’ll try and finish up the cost breakdown and tips for the trip very soon ok!

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Keeping busy

I’ve so many things to update but i’m too busy with everything else but i also don’t want to not update because i don’t want to forget things. Especially stuff concerning Nadya because at times, i cannot keep up with that little girl. They really grow really fast. So i’ll update most of my entries on the WordPress app now. I’ll try and steal time while i let her sleep on my lap and let her stare at me.

Call me crazy but i sometimes don’t want to make eye contact with her when she’s about to take her nap because she’ll just get excited again and then refuse to sleep. So sometimes i bedek and close my eyes also. Sigh the things we do.

I did few stuff for Nadya few weeks back and one of it is the busy board. Like finally seh korang aku habiskan benda alah ni! I’ve been keeping aside stuff for her to explore and play but never had the time to really put everything up. Then one day i had a free time and she was having her nap so i set everything up in less than an hour! Success!   

She loves it and i love it too cos it keeps her busy. She’ll try to cabut2 everything but i hot glue the stuff on the board so it’s harder for her.

 Most of the stuff are recycled stuff like balance ribbons & fabrics. Calculator yang dah lama tak pakai cos i keep using the phone calculator anyway.   

Even the board was recycled from an old poster foam board i have. She loves touching the different texture and also the different noise they all make!

The board is still alive and that’s an achievement. Knowing how rough Nadya is with stuff, i kinda estimated the board to be up for a week only.

I obviously underestimated the hot glue. 😂

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that Nadya has her own Instagram account now! Follow her here  if you don’t mind seeing her again & again on your IG feed. Lol

I post different set of pictures on both accounts so you won’t see double!
I created an account for her cos i wanna share her pictures & videos but i don’t want her to take over my own instagram. Hahaha.

And i gotta admit, i’m that annoying mum who keeps posting her child’s photo. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Ok tak, aku tak melampau gitu. But yeah you get what i mean and not everybody wanna see updates of Nadya all the time. So creating an account for her allows my friends & family to choose whether they wanna see updates on her ke tak.

View this post on Instagram


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We’re also reviving her own label for Hari Raya. I put a stop to it for a few months cos i had no time to sew hairbands and all. But i managed to get a supplier to produce her first Hari Raya Collection!

2I’m currently waiting for new samples to be done before i start taking in orders. There will be two designs for Hari Raya  and this is one of them! This slit-arm kurung is really chic and comfortable cos ada lubang besar kat tangan so they don’t feel too warm in it!

I have another peplum design in a really nice & cooling material. The supplier sent me a picture of the sample earlier and it is so cute i cannot take it!! Lol

It’ll be a preorder cos i’ll be offering sizes from 0- 6 months up to 5-6 years old.
and there will be about 30 colours available for you to choose from! Unfortunately i won’t have anything for the boys. Maybe next time when i have a boy! Insha Allah!

To keep yourself updated of the Raya Collection, you can follow Nadya’s online store Here.
Cheyyyy Nadya’s online store padahal mak dia yang buat segala kerja.