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Young Parents

I know i was supposed to update on Nadya’s photoshoot with Young Parents magazine. That shoot happened when she’s 6mths and now she’s 10mths. Lol

Not my fault though cos i asked for permission to share the photos through my social media and we had to go through many approvals before they give permission to. I take this seriously because it’s a copyright material after all. SO really wanted to make sure i get the all clear before i share.

So here are the pictures that came out in the September issue and this is the soft copy given to me by them.

059 BB FASHION-r2 copy

060 BB FASHION-r1 copy

MY BABY!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

You don’t know how proud i was when i flipped open the magazine and see her flashing her bright smile.

The day this issue was out, i went ahead and bought 4 copies to be given to my family, my FIL and for us to keep. Heehee.

Definitely will blow up this picture and frame it up for her.
We’ll definitely do this again if another opportunity arise!


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