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10 months


This post was stuck in my draft for the longest time cos i was too busy the past few weeks. But yay to Nadya turning 10 months! We’re inching closer to her 1st year. Mummy is not ready!

Physically, she’s definitely bigger and taller now. I carry her everyday and i noticed that too. It’s almost like she grew a lot overnight.

And her developments are on super-turbo these days. Like she wanna achieve everything before she turns 1! They really grow up reallly fast.


Baby babbles a lot more. She can go on and on. She’s pretty noisy when she’s excited too. We didn’t notice this when she was 9 months. But she has discovered her voice and the noises she can make and she shouts pretty loud, just for fun. I’ve read that this will go on for a while until they learn how to control their volume. So yahhh don’t judge me if you see Nadya screaming mcm tertelan microphone.

Still cheeky as ever, she’s always on the  move. She no longer need help to stand on her own. Baby can now go from the crawl position, squat & stand. Pretty amazing how babies learn that on their own.

2015-11-27 13.23.55

One of her favourite things to do is to tateh all over the place. Mak bapak dia sakit pinggang tateh kan dia, dia bukannya tau.


Nadya love having friends around her! Or actually anybody who’s willing to play with her! She’s a very touchy feely girl. She will touch you, stroke your hair, arms, legs dan sewaktu dengannya, if she likes you. Lol

But she will buang muka if she’s not interested to play with you. I saw it personally. So buruk seh.

Although she now has a habit of biting people and that’s pretty scary, especially if she’s on a playdate. So i watch her really closely. Hahaha
Many times, she’ll attempt to bite us if we take something away from her. She do it for fun too if she ‘geraaaaam’ with you. It’s adorable but i know in the long run, if i don’t stop this nasty habit, she’ll be a terror. Lol


She’s also fond of clapping her hands when she sees something she likes.
Ok honestly, currently it’s really cute to see her clapping her hands whenever i switch on Ellen Degeneres Show at 6.00pm. I watch it, even before i had her so it has become a habit. I didn’t know she’ll follow suit. So she claps when she sees the audience clapping. -______-

I know there are mummies who don’t allow TV time at all. I tried but i failed. Boohoo. I guess some TV time won’t hurt. We don’t switch it on 24/7. In fact the TV is usually switched on after 6pm. I let her play on her own most of the time and she still take 3 naps a day and sleep by 8.30pm. So yes, everything is under control for now. Lol


She’ll dance to music too. In fact, she is more attracted to music than cartoons. She will bop up and down even when her Papa is playing some metal songs at the background. Tu pun jadi ah. I hope she have immense love for music like her papa. I don’t know if i’ve said it here before but i reaaally hope she can play multiple musical instruments like her papa. Currently, Rusly can play the guitar, bass guitar, keyboards & drums. I’m hoping she’ll love any of those or choose to play violins / cellos. Hahahahah. Cos her mummy got a preference for string instruments! Mummy can’t play any instruments. I can only sing. Tu last resort k baby. Janji u tak tone deaf.

2015-11-24 12.08.16

Baby is eating really well these days and prefer to feed herself although occasionally, she’ll allow me to feed her. So most of her meal these days are stuff she can hold on her own. She’ll keep quiet and munch on her own. The 8 teeth she has right now, proved to be quite useful. She can bite off meatballs and chew on them using her gums. So she’s no longer just swallowing but has already learnt how to chew. Will teach how to self feed using a pre-loaded spoon next and see how she fares. Drinking from a straw is also possible now and it’s so much easier cos it’s less messier than drinking from the spout.

2015-11-29 02.48.10

My 10 month old happy baby! Photo from last weekend at town, watching Christmas lights! Told Rusly that we shall make it an annual thing. Watch Christmas lights and take a picture every year.

I love my little family. ❤


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