Nadya Raessa

my little star


Somebody was out & about for a new adventure yesterday morning! We woke up really early for a 10.30am appointment.

My little Nadya somehow got talent-spotted and got invited for a Fashion Spread for Young Parent’s Magazine. So cute, can?!


It all started with this actually. I replied quite late cos it went to my Others Folder! Turns out the lady saw Nadya’s picture in the SG50 Babies FB Group i’m in and was interested to feature her in the fashion spread.

I was of course interested cos this is something new for us to do with Nadya and it’s something i can show her when she’s older. But honestly, her Papa was even more excited ok. Like excited gila, kept asking me if i’ve emailed the lady back ke tak. Dia dah reply balik ke tak. Mak ai.

IMG_3459When asked on her clothes size, i told them she can still fit 3-6 months size. But i think they brought in the 6 – 12 months one instead to be safe and it was too big for her. She looks big cos she’s on the taller side but she’s really quite small sized.

She can only fit 6 – 12mths ones if it’s from Carters. Cos seriously, Carters macam buat baju untuk anak patung. So small!

The ladies were really nice & warm. Nadya took a liking to them instantly and they changed her clothes really fast! It is really hard to change Nadya cos she’s quite wiggly. Oh man.

But they even managed to change her shoes really quick! She had to wear one Jelly Sandals which is so so cute, i forgot to ask from which brand! -____-

It was very tiring though! Not for her, cos it was less than 30 minutes, as promised. But it was tiring for all of us cos she kept shifting and then spreading her legs too wide or putting one of her legs on top of the other lah. Hahahaha
The ladies were really quick though and i had to distract her with videos of Upin & Ipin to make her smile. She honestly love the high pitched voice of Upin & Ipin, she smiled instantly and then she got bored so i switched to the Twinkle2 Little Star and then she got so stoned, she kept staring at my phone, i was so scared she’ll fall asleep! Hahahahaha

We kept waiting for her to smile but all she did was stare at the phone and see the star. Ya Allah. So i switched back to Upin & Ipin again. LOL
The ladies were pretty amazed she didn’t cry though.

Nadya’s generally quite friendly with people, Alhamdulillah. Even throughout Raya visits, we kept hearing “Baiknya dia… tak takut orang.. Asyik senyum je.” 

Ah yelah. Try jaga dia satu hari. Memang lah tak kuat nangis but kalau dia dah start mengamok, buruk ley. Afterall, she’s a baby and they all have their own tantrums. Bedek ah kalau dia baik gila. Tu bukan budak seh. Tu budak jadi-jadian. LOL.

It all ended by 11.00 am. Really quick as promised cos they know babies have really short attention span and cos that timing is actually Nadya’s naptime. I was really lucky she didn’t throw a fit. She only took her nap after the whole ordeal!

I brought my mum to the photoshoot as well cos i know she’ll enjoy seeing her go through it. So after that we went to Arab Street cos i had to get some fabric supplies, or rather cos i wanted to have lunch at Pho4A & get some Fluff cupcakes. Hee.

The fashion spread will be in their September issue! Will update once i’ve got pictures!

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