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Good Night, Bad Dreams.

With pregnancy, right from the 1st trimester, i’ve been having weird dreams. Some too weird to even relate to the husband. It is that weird.

Now in the 2nd trimester, i’ve been having scary dreams. Sometimes jolting me up from sleep, breaking into sweats.
But never as scary as the one i had this morning.

Don’t judge me, but i’m not your typical wife who would wake up in the morning, make breakfast and bid goodbye to my husband when he leaves for work in the morning.
Partly cos i sleep very late at about 3.00am each night (not healthy i know) and the husband leaves home for work by 6.20am. I know my mom & nenek would disapprove of this for sure and sometimes i wish i’m a little bit like my mother-in-law. She will wake up waaay before Rusly leaves for work, prepare breakfast, pack lunch for him and all and sometimes when i think of him, so kesian kat Rusly cos he had to switch from being pampered and fussed around by his mother to having ermmm me. Hahahahaha

I digress. Anyway, as usual, Rusly woke up, prepared for work, with the living room lights switched on. He rarely switch on the lights in the bedroom because he knows i can’t sleep with the lights on. Just before he leaves home, i suddenly realised the lights went off. For a moment, i thought there’s a black-out. I wanted to shout for Rusly but nothing came out from my mouth and then i heard him close the door behind him. But in my mind, it’s as if he slammed the door on me. So i drifted off to sleep and that’s when i had that dream.

That Rusly and me got into a minor misunderstanding over something, we parted ways. We went back to our parent’s place and then one day Rusly told me that we should sell our matrimonial house. It all happened so fast. I can’t really figure out why exactly we were fighting but at the end of it, i remember handing over the keys to another couple and that was it. I cried in that dream and without realising it, i woke up crying. For real.

I cried for a good full minute, whatsapp-ed Rusly and relate to him my dream. Of course he dismissed it as another dream but after a while, he realised i was quite shaken by it and asked if i wanted him to take half day off work. I started to laugh at that cos what the hell is he gonna tell his boss? ” I need to take urgent half day leave cos my wife had a bad dream?” LOL

But of course i refused. I’m not thaaaaaat manja. I said a little prayer and when i felt baby moving, i know it’s just another dream.
Damn you hormones.

I googled and they said it’s normal to have scary dream from 2nd trimester onwards and the dreams would intensify at the final weeks before giving birth due to anxiety and fears. Okaaaaay.

Pregnancy, Second Trimester

The Detailed Scan & Gender Reveal

BG Poster

So we had the detailed scan last Thursday and that was the longest wait we ever had. A total of 4hrs wait at the hospital! My bontot boleh grow mushroom, i tell u.

Our scan was scheduled at 4.20pm at the Fetal Scan Centre (FSC) but we only managed to go in at 5.50pm. 10 minutes before the FSC closed for the day! Of course, i was hopping mad and had to ask the counter three times to check when i can go in cos my appointment with Dr Citra was scheduled at 5.00pm and we were soooo late!

But finally understood why when it was our turn! The sonographer took so long to get the scan done cos the baby refused to cooperate. (Pretty sure baby was angry at having to wait for so long and i’ve not had my lunch and all). Baby’s face was facing my back and the back facing sonographer (merajuk lah tu!) hahaha. Because it’s a detailed scan, the sonographer have to make sure that all necessary measurements were taken. Importantly, the 4 heart chambers and if baby is getting enough oxygen from me etc. It was all very technical but pretty interesting cos it’s almost like a 360° degree view of the baby. An uncooperative baby. Lol

What was supposed to be a 40mins scan turned out to be an hour + scan. The sonographer had to even pass us to one of her senior to take over the scan cos she can’t find the 4 heart chambers due to baby’s position. I was also quite glad cos i didn’t like the sonographer cos she was so rough! The day after the scan, my tummy was so painful cos of the pressure she used during the scan. The 2nd sonographer was so much better (and totally not cranky at all), even though she had to work overtime. She was also the sonographer who detected my blocked tubes last year! She finally managed to get the 4 heart chambers and facial features and according to her, everything looks fine. However, she wants me to come back for a 28 week scan as well instead of waiting till 32 weeks scan cos she mentioned my amniotic fluid is subjectively low and she wants to monitor growth of the baby even though right now baby is of a normal size.

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Big Tickets

Many times, i’m left wondering how can someone small require a lot of things once they’re born and i really mean a lot!
I was overwhelmed when i followed the Baby’s Market on FB and went thru the baby shopping list. I tried cutting down on things that i think the baby might not need but there’s just still so much to buy & prepare for.

But i’ve been striking off some big ticket items off the list now since i’ve been in a mood to research and all. I cannot imagine doing this in my last trimester if my last  trimester is a mirror to my 1st trimester. Lol

By big ticket items, i mean stuff that the baby would need to use for long, bulky and fairly important.

One that  i’ve striked off the list is the baby cot. Sleeping arrangements has always been at the back of my mind because i know there’s no way i would allow the baby to sleep on the bed with us because Rusly is not exactly someone who can keep still when he sleeps. Neither can  i. So i know there has to be a baby cot in the room. So when i found out about this 5-in 1 Convertible Cot, i knew it’s a God-Sent!


I love that it can be converted into a bedside bed. So i’ll technically have the baby next to me when i sleep, but not on the same bed.
When the baby outgrows the cot, it can then be converted to a toddler bed next.

It was also going on offer at $159.00 because we pre-ordered it and will collect it at the October Baby Fair later. It’s usually going for $288.00 here. So a little savings there! Better than nothing, eh?

I also wanted to get a rocker / swing for the baby and decided on the Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat because they were having this awesome bundle that’s hard to resist.

Baby not included.
Baby not included.

The retail price is at $229.00 here but the Baby Market had a pre-order bundle where at $299.00, the Ingenuity Washable Playard worth $339.00 is also included! So technically i saved $269.00!


Love that it comes with a changing table and the entire playard is machine-washable. I just think it’s much more hygienic to be able to wash the entire playard. We’ll probably only use the playard when the baby is bigger though since the baby should be sleeping in the baby cot most of the time.

They also have a lot of stroller deals but for strollers, i would rather see and test it for myself before buying, partly because the stroller is also one of the most expensive big ticket item in the baby list! I have a lot of strollers in  my maybe-lists although i’m really keen on one of them as it fits 90% of my criteria. I spent so much time researching on it because i have so many criteria for a stroller! Will do up a post on it next maybe!

The next big ticket item i’m still contemplating on is the Breast Pump (of all things!). I don’t know if i really need one since i’ll be a stay at home mum but what if i really need it and i don’t have it with me? Like if i have blocked ducts or engorgements etc. But what if i’m unable to breastfeed? You know, that kind of dilemma?

As for baby clothings and all, i think i’ll wait for Carter’s Black Friday Sale in November where everything will go for 50% off!
Think it’ll be a huge savings because even though clothings are pretty cheap, friends keep saying babies need lotsa clothes and they outgrow it so fast so i don’t see a need to buy clothes at full retail price especially for newborns! Lol
I think baby clothes are so much cheaper online! Have u seen the price tag at Mothercare and Kiddy Palace? Phew.

This is only a portion of the Baby List. If you’re keen to see, the Baby List is up here! Let me know if i’ve missed out anything!
Think i can clear half of it before the 2nd trimester ends. Hopefully i can clear everything by end of the year although i hope i don’t end up spending unnecessarily at the Baby Fair. I have a feeling i’ll be lost and get all sucked into buying useless baby stuff there! Lol

Pregnancy, Second Trimester

20 Weeks

and we’re halfway through the pregnancy. I think the 2nd trimester is moving really fast as compared to the 1st trimester.
I feel the 1st trimester crawled really slowly, partly because of the fatigue.
My next appointment is this Thursday and this time, i think it’ll just be hearing heartbeats since the detailed scan is due in 2 weeks time.

Many things happened since the last update. I finally felt baby moved at 19 weeks. Although the 1st move was probably triggered by my unhappiness with Starhub. Lol

My baby has a sense of humour. Now all i need you to do the next time i get all worked up, kick me ok. A gentle one will do. Tak mau over sangat.

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Pregnancy, Second Trimester

18 weeks update

So i met Baby again yesterday! The last time i met baby on screen was 6 weeks ago and in pregnancy time, 6 weeks is very long. Lol.

So happy to see baby! It was yawning / had it’s mouth open wide when it first appeared on screen and i can’t help thinking “anak bapak!!” because ever since the pregnancy, i love seeing Rusly get into deep sleep and he always have his mouth open. Lol

Baby was also wiggling it’s fingers and it’s very obvious on screen.

I also managed to know the gender! Gynae was pretty sure of the gender cos Baby had it’s legs wideeeee open for us to see. But Gynae told me we’ll confirm it during the detailed scan in 3 weeks time. So i would probably announce it later when it’s confirmed!

Mummy is putting on weight, like finally! Although i really do think it’s the Raya “Be Merry and Eat Cookies All Day Long” kind of weight but oh well, as long as baby is growing well!

Appetite is slightly better and i’m craving for foods now. Pretty hilarious but that’s another story for another time!

I have yet to feel baby kicks but i have been feeling weird things happening inside. Like bubbles and butterflies just at my navel area. Gynae told me it’s the baby’s movement and soon i should be able to feel it’s kicks as soon as it gets stronger. I just hope i know it’s baby kicking and not cramps or something.

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After many many conversations & discussions, we’ve finally decided to just go ahead to The Women’s Clinic  instead of going Clinic G with the EMMa Care. I’ve seeked so many opinions and many said the midwives at NUH are pleasant during labour so i’m gonna take it at face value and just believe it will just be alright. But i think the main reason for me to do the switch was because of a somewhat unpleasant trip to Clinic G at my last appointment. I guess it’s just me having a bad day that day cos everything went horribly wrong.

For Clinic G, most of the appointments are scheduled way early in the morning. So the previous appointment was scheduled at 9.45am. I don’t have trouble waking up. I’ll be zombified yes, but i CAN wake up in the morning. What i can’t seem to do in the morning is, to successfully get a cab. At 8.45am i was already calling for cabs, to no avail. At 9.00am, i gave up, i went downstairs hoping i could catch a passing cab. I was trying to get hold of the cab close to 10.00am before i managed to finally get one through the EasyTaxi App. 1 hour in the hot sun, with no breakfast, I felt faint. Reached NUH at 10.20am and i was prepared to wait very long because i missed my appointment by 30mins. So i asked the counter lady, roughly how long till my turn because i would like to get some breakfast. But she told me there’s only 1 patient before me. So not wanting to miss my turn, i wait. I was finally called in at 11.00am. 1 patient before me and i have to wait 40mins? Nampak sangat bedek.

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The Raya Announcement

Eid Mubarak!

On this special day, the husband and i’ve decided (at the very last minute) to just go ahead and announce our pregnancy on social media.

To be honest, we only decided to announce because we have friends and family who have been leaving baby-related comments on our social media posts and it’s pretty obvious already. LOL
and also because i’ll need to announce to The Card Maison future clients soon because i’ll have to close orders for April & May weddings soon as i’ll be on Maternity leave in from late December to February.

photo 2
So yes, we are finally pregnant! Yaaaaaayyyy!

With that, i have also un-privatised my posts on the The IVF Journey and The Pregnancy.

I first announced my pregnancy a few days after our positive blood test here. So you can now read how excited i was upon finding out.

I’ll be 4 months pregnant tomorrow . Almost halfway through the pregnancy. So fast!

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