Pregnancy, Second Trimester

Good Night, Bad Dreams.

With pregnancy, right from the 1st trimester, i’ve been having weird dreams. Some too weird to even relate to the husband. It is that weird.

Now in the 2nd trimester, i’ve been having scary dreams. Sometimes jolting me up from sleep, breaking into sweats.
But never as scary as the one i had this morning.

Don’t judge me, but i’m not your typical wife who would wake up in the morning, make breakfast and bid goodbye to my husband when he leaves for work in the morning.
Partly cos i sleep very late at about 3.00am each night (not healthy i know) and the husband leaves home for work by 6.20am. I know my mom & nenek would disapprove of this for sure and sometimes i wish i’m a little bit like my mother-in-law. She will wake up waaay before Rusly leaves for work, prepare breakfast, pack lunch for him and all and sometimes when i think of him, so kesian kat Rusly cos he had to switch from being pampered and fussed around by his mother to having ermmm me. Hahahahaha

I digress. Anyway, as usual, Rusly woke up, prepared for work, with the living room lights switched on. He rarely switch on the lights in the bedroom because he knows i can’t sleep with the lights on. Just before he leaves home, i suddenly realised the lights went off. For a moment, i thought there’s a black-out. I wanted to shout for Rusly but nothing came out from my mouth and then i heard him close the door behind him. But in my mind, it’s as if he slammed the door on me. So i drifted off to sleep and that’s when i had that dream.

That Rusly and me got into a minor misunderstanding over something, we parted ways. We went back to our parent’s place and then one day Rusly told me that we should sell our matrimonial house. It all happened so fast. I can’t really figure out why exactly we were fighting but at the end of it, i remember handing over the keys to another couple and that was it. I cried in that dream and without realising it, i woke up crying. For real.

I cried for a good full minute, whatsapp-ed Rusly and relate to him my dream. Of course he dismissed it as another dream but after a while, he realised i was quite shaken by it and asked if i wanted him to take half day off work. I started to laugh at that cos what the hell is he gonna tell his boss? ” I need to take urgent half day leave cos my wife had a bad dream?” LOL

But of course i refused. I’m not thaaaaaat manja. I said a little prayer and when i felt baby moving, i know it’s just another dream.
Damn you hormones.

I googled and they said it’s normal to have scary dream from 2nd trimester onwards and the dreams would intensify at the final weeks before giving birth due to anxiety and fears. Okaaaaay.

4 thoughts on “Good Night, Bad Dreams.”

    1. I try! But i work better at night and sometimes i go to bed early and mata celik2 tapi tak tido. Then i’ll feel so unproductive because i could have used that time to do work instead. Lol

      But i wake up really late so at least i’m having more than 8hrs sleep ah. Heh

  1. Oh man.. hate those dreams. I’ve had weird-scary dreams too. Sometimes I wake thinking that it really happened and get so mad at the other half. Takes a while to realise that it’s a dream.

    3 and a little bit more months to go! Just hang in there and breathe! =)

    1. My friend just told she kept dreaming her husband is having an affair and she became so paranoid, to the extend of checking his phones, calling his office and all. .
      Aaaahhhh hormones. LOL

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