Stroller Woes

God, i know i’m so annoying. All my posts are now baby-related!
But i guess that’s just how it is? When you’re getting married, your world kind of revolve around the wedding only. Likewise when you’ve gotten your own place, all you can think about is, the colour schemes, lights & furnitures. Or bila tengah dating, all you can post about, is how wonderful your boyfriend, your future MIL and his cat too and how he looks adorable even when he digs his nose and all. Hahahahaha

So anyway….. now that we’re approaching the 6th month soon (and the Baby Fair is getting nearer, LOL), i’m starting to really shortlist our stroller options. Like i mentioned before, i have many prerequisites for a stroller. Carik stroller sama susah macam cari new employee ok.
Cos i reckon the stroller will be my best friend (because the mummy kuat merayap)

Some of the requirements that the stroller must meet:

  1. Lightweight. 
    This is very important to me. In fact, the top priority in my list. Must weigh lesser than 8kg. I had friends who invested on huge strollers because they wanted something sturdy but hated it after few uses and end up buying umbrella strollers instead.
  2. One-Hand Fold 
    I must be able to handle the stroller while carrying the baby cos most of the time, i’ll be out alone with the baby. If i’m taking taxi, i don’t think the taxi driver would be comfortable holding the baby while i fold the stroller. Neither would i be comfortable getting them to carry the baby. *Clingy mother alert!*
  3. Small & Compact
    We drive a hatchback car and it’s not exactly known for having a huge boot space so the car definitely has to be compact especially if Rusly needs to transport his guitars etc as well in the boot. Even better if it’s a one-piece when folded.
  4. Parent-Facing Option 
    I would prefer to be able to look at my child when we travel so a reversible seat would be good although not a top priority because i would love my child to see the crowds too. People-watching is fun, my dear.
  5. Use from newborn 
    Should be able to do a full recline so that the baby can be on the stroller from birth.
  6. A sizeable storage space
    What? I need to shop ok. I need space.
  7. Mid-Price Range Stroller
    We wanna keep the stroller budget between $700 – $$1000. Will stretch it a bit if i’m sold on a particular model. Hell, if i’m really really sold, “Take my money, give me the stroller now!”

Those above are my priorities. If the stroller can match at least 80% of the requirements je, dah happy actually.

Some of the Strollers i’m keeping in my shortlist:

  1. Silver Cross Wayfarer – $799.00 at Mothercare
    It fits all my requirement except it weighs 10kg for the normal stroller and 11kg with the carrycot attached on it.
    While i love a carrycot, i think it’s quite bulky and in order to fold the stroller, i’ll have to lift up the carrycot 1st. Which is quite inconvenient lah although when we travel in a cab, i just need to bring the baby masuk dalam sekali dengan carry cot sekali and settle the kettle kan?
  2. Baby Jogger City Select – $1,078 at
    Think the only reason why i like is because of the many configurations. If we have another child in the future, this could easily be a tandem stroller. But it is 12kg!
  3. Inglesina Trilogy Stroller – $925.00 at
    With the carrycot, it look very parisian chic. Without the carrycot, it looks like a normal stroller.
    Why i’m not inclined towards this – Boring colours. Don’t judge me!
    But apart from that, i think this Made in Italy stroller is quite well-made.
  4. Aprica Air Ria Luxuna – $699.00 at * Top 3 Contender
    This is one of my Top 3 and i love this stroller a lot. It is also the cheapest among  all but fits almost all my requirements except for the tiny basket but i realised a tiny basket is not that important.
    Love it because of the high seat. It’s 55cm off from the ground so baby is closer to me.
    It weighs only 5.3kg! Berat dia sama macam satu pack beras ok! The seat is not reversible but the handles are! So i can suka2 just reverse the baby’s view without having to angkat the stroller seat itself. The full hood is also a plus. Mana tau my daughter diva gila tak suka matahari or tak suka crowds tengok dia, aku tutup aje the entire hood. I’m very very close to just go and buy it but i have yet to test it out first and see if i really like it.Sorry video is in Japanese and sumpah tak faham satu haram dia cakap apa but i think u’ll get it lah.
    and what the hell, stroller 5.3kg! So ringan nak mampus, i can swing2 benda alah tu.
  5. Babyzen Yoyo 0+ & 6+ Bundle  – $988.00 at Mums and Babes * Top 3 Contender
    This was the 1st stroller i fell in love with and it’s hard to get it off my mind.
    This is also light at only 6kg and the best thing is, it is the only stroller in the world that you can bring up to the plane as cabin baggage. So can u imagine how compact that damn thing is and i’m sold by that factor. Even though i hate it that once the baby is 6mths and above and have to use the 6+ bundle, it’s only forward-facing cos the seat is not reversible. But it is super easy to fold and unfold, i am willing to ignore the forward facing dilemma.
  6. Bugaboo Bee – $1199.00 at Motherworks * Top 3 Contender
    Almost everyone i know who uses the Bugaboo Bee will recommend the Bugaboo! it is long lasting, can handle all sorts of terrains. Reversible seats with large storage space but at 9kg, it’s not exactly the lightest among my Top 3. But i’m still quite sold! Best is, i can get it cheap from a US Retailer and have it shipped to Singapore and it would cost me just below $1000.00.

So there you go, my stroller shortlist! Shortlist nama pun tak panjang gini! But a stroller is very important to me. Hence i really cannot afford to make an impulsive purchase. Will probably spend one of the weekends to survey the Top 3 strollers and get it out of my list once and for all!

Do u have any other strollers to recommend. I’m pretty open but very important, MUST BE LIGHTWEIGHT. Lol

22 thoughts on “Stroller Woes”

  1. WAH THE APRICA ONE IS AS LIGHT AS SHAFA!!!!! hahahahahhahaha!! but i also like the aprica, you can see at Taka they do have a lot of Aprica models! :)) and dont get the one yang detach carseat etc, cause when ur alone nak masuk cab kena detach carseat, put baby in the cab, come out, fold the thing, put in the boot then masuk cab. very chuan leh!

    i would pick aprica, japan things vair good one! and i would also prefer parent-facing strollers hahahahaha! Joie Litrax is also one-fold but at 9kg…. a bit the heavy although senang gila nak fold. hahahaha!

    1. Really ahhhh? Then i’ll drag rusly there on Saturday hopefully!
      I love the Aprica one too cos it fits ALL my requirement except for the small basket and yes i also kalau boleh nak take those one piece one yang tak yah cabut the seat etc cos macam leceh gitu

  2. I had the same dilemma as you hahaha! Anyway, the ever practical husband decided on the Combi Miracle Turn because:
    1) one-hand fold
    2) fits into our hatchback car and with enough space to store groceries too
    3) Only 6.7kg
    4) egg-shock padding that cushions baby
    5) parent-facing. This one best for first 5 months. And this Combi has gears that make the switching smooth. Check it out on Youtube or its website 🙂
    6) We trust Japanese products

    The only downside is, the basket is a bit too small. But that’s okay la since we carry the diaper bag. If we put things inside any basket also, kena remove them before folding the stroller kan…

    1. Thank you! I will go check it out on Youtube!
      We trust Japanese products too! So far they can last quite long and all and yes, with a small basket, more reason for me to go and buy a diaper bag. LOL

    1. Ooooooohhh yang u beli stroller for phuket is the Yoyo?!
      ok please let me know if it’s convenient? Cos I kind of takut it is too flimsy but i love that it is so compact!

    1. yes my bestfriend swore by it and yes can keep this for future reference. Hee.
      Good luck with your house renovations! Can’t wait to see the final product

  3. Aprica is good! So is capella.. One hand closing, reversible handles, abt 6kg & a lot cheaper thn aprica too. (<$500).
    My advice is not too spend too much on stroller..takut2 ur baby doesnt like being in the stroller esp when theyre still small. Like mine, dah 4.5months but still prefers being carried in her Ergo than lying in a stroller.
    So i'd say consider buying a good baby carrier too!
    Enjoy shopping for baby! Its seriously v rambang mata esp when u hv a girl! 🙂

    1. Hee… i hope the baby loves sitting in the stroller cos i have a bad back! Will be investing in the Ergo cos i heard it distributes baby’s weight evenly so maybe it would be fine for my back and yes very rambang mata. Doesn’t help that i love pink! Hahaha

  4. Combi is great babe! One hand fold, lightweight, full recline, reversible, big storage underneath it, full hood to keep baby out frm the outside world when she’s sleeping, yet with mashed window for ventilation. And cheaper than your budget…so kalau somehow jahanam, hati not so painful.

  5. Thank you for writing this post! Hehehehe. Because I can tumpang kepo2.
    I love Aprica Perpermint Green. The colour so yummylicious!
    And, I love how compact Babyzen Yoyo is tapi I watched youtube video. The baby kecik but the stroller dah mcm full.
    Update us more pasal babystuff. I love reading about them! Kiter mcm obsessed MTB. Every posts pasal baby stuff jer. But, I’m not complaining! 🙂

    1. One of my main concern for the babyzen is the back panel height. Takut too small also. That’s why i die2 nak tengok all strollers personally before making a purchase. Heh

  6. You should try Baby Hypermarket at Kaki Bukit. Its a heaven for parents buying baby strollers. Not sure if the one you have listed are there but I can assure you the price are waaaayyy better than those at Shopping Centre.

    As for me, I always been looking up at Maclaren for its convenience for travelling, easy and fast to fold and open plus its last long.

  7. My husband yang buat all these research so I really don’t know many strollers. What I know is he wanted Bugaboo Bee but we ended up with Quinny because Bugaboo Bee is like over my budget. Not over his budget. Apparently, anything for baby is not over his budget. -.-

    P/s: I’m planning to get the 5-in-1 baby cot you posted at the baby market fair itself because of the bedside cot feature. Cause bedside cot is expensive and hard to find? Or maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Anyway hopefully still have cause I didn’t pre-order. So thanks for the post! Hehe.

    1. Bahahahaha your husband sounds like me leh. Rusly is the practical one while i’m the one throwing money everywhere for the baby. But wait till she comes out, i’m sure he’ll do the same pulak. Lol

      The cot is cheap and good kan cos yeah a bedside cot is hard to find and usually cost about $400+ so this is a steal. Which day would u be going on? Hopefully ada lagi stock! But they said should have plenty!

      1. Haha I don’t know if I can go or not cause my EDD is during the baby fair itself, on that Saturday haha! So if I can’t go, I’m getting a friend, who’s also going, to help me get. Lol.

  8. I feel you when it comes to stroller, Kalah nk pilih bag mane nk beli…lol … Congrats on expecting a baby girl. Actually you and me are only a few weeks apart and me too expecting a baby girl. Hee hee. You shud drop buy baby hyperstore cos they have a range of stroller in one place but I dun think they carry the brands that you mention above. They are the authorised agent for quinny,Maclaren, peg perego,inglesina, maxi cost and some others I tk igt. You may wanna stalk them on fb cos they do sales juga. Lagy2 Kalau ade baby fair at expo they will try to beat their prices. I was stuck between choosing quinny zap xtra 2 and Maclaren techno quest ( Kalau Nama betol la tu) cos a lot ppl say Maclaren is lightweight (7kg tk sala)and easy to fold with one hand. While quinny stole my heart for its compact while folding and many other special features of the pram , I guess one of it is that u can reverse the seat facing you. But it 8.9kg. And they sell way cheaper than retail store. Tak sala I it’s 639 and u get a free seat reducer for new born. Alamak I talk too much already. U may drop by there and check out, their staff are very nice and they do have few ranges of baby cots which convertible to junior bed… Happy searching and thankiu for updating on your blog. It’s nice reading it , lagy2 pasal baby. Maklum la status is already mummy to be. I also pray that you have a smooth sailing pregnancy babe… 😘

    1. Ehhhh i just saw your comment seh! Hahahahaha
      i’ve settled on the stroller, like finally and hoping i don’t rambang mata.

      U have a smooth sailing pregnancy too okie!! 🙂

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