Pregnancy, Second Trimester

24 Weeks

6 months pregnant. Woaaah.
I think the 2nd trimester pass by really fast. Next month, i’ll be in the final trimester. Already?

Nothing much has changed except the bump is significantly bigger now and i have water retention particularly at my feet.
I didn’t realised it was water retention until i was told it was. I did notice at the end of the day usually, it hurts a bit when i walk longer distance but i thought it was just, you know, me getting heavier. Two weeks ago, we went to JB with the in-laws and my SIL brought us to Dr Soho for a foot spa therapy since i can’t go for foot reflexology and upon seeing my feet, the therapist asked “Are u pregnant?” U know it always amaze how some people can just know. Macam so skilled seh. So i asked her how did she figure that out since i was seated and my bump was not noticeable cos i covered it with a pillow and then she mentioned i have water retention on both feet.

Few days after that, i had my pre-natal massage and the masseuse also told me i’m having water retention already and told me to drink more fluids. So yes, more fluids again.

Baby is moving a lot more now and her moves are so much more noticeable now, especially during car rides! I have a feeling she loves car rides. Like the mummy. I’m also not sure how much she can hear but the other day, at a wedding, i was sitting down having my meal when the Bride & Groom leaves the reception with the Kompang guys and she was moving so violently inside. Suspect joget-joget and all.

Last saturday, we went to Baby Hyperstore & Baby Kingdom at Kaki Bukit since we had some errands to run at the east side so i figured we could go look at strollers as well. Saw Mommyandi there (hello you!) and i’ve never seen a place with that many strollers! I was overwhelmed and for a while all the strollers look the same! I gave Rusly a crash course on what i was looking out for and I realized i cannot handle any strollers above 7kg with one hand. So our stroller definitely have to be below 7kg.

I saw the new Quinny Moodd at Baby Hyperstore. So pretty, sleek and stylish but it’s a whooping 15kg! Ganas betul stroller 15kg and the back wheel is so huge, macam nak bawak gi perang.


We only left the place with a Baby Bath Tub with Stand cos i was looking around for one and thought we should just grab it since it’s already there. Will continue the search for the stroller at the Baby Fair next week although i’m quite set on something already.

Will share my to-buy list at the baby fair next! It’s a growing list but i’ve prioritized some stuff like a baby carrier, baby mattress, stroller and breast pump.

3 thoughts on “24 Weeks”

  1. 6 months on! The viability week! Yay to you! I’ve made a list of items to buy from the upcoming fair too.. and the list seems never ending! Argh! Decisions.. decisions!

    1. LOL yeah my list pun macam neverending and since i’ll be going alone on the 1st day, i’ll bring a luggage with me so i can dump everything inside! Hahaha.
      But i think i really need to prioritize and just buy what baby really need during the 1st few mths cos pretty sure there’ll be another baby fair in April and then i can buy more things to prep for when she’s reaching 6mths & above Inshaallah.

      1. Hahaha.. That’s what my husband says. Buy what is necessary for newborns. Otherwise there’s not enough space too for everything else! Also, it’s hard to know now what type of bottles/toys/carriers our babies might prefer. Don’t want to buy now and end up having to store it.

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