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Year End Clean

There’s something i do each year-end.

Spring cleaning. De-cluttering. To welcome the brand new year.
I started with the Bag section this week. Most of the bags i no longer use, i either throw or re-home them, depending on their value.
Then i realised i had some leftover scrapbook papers and decided to wallpaper the entire bookcase.
i’m still wallpapering them and i hope to finish it by next week!


Next would be my makeup section! I need to throw out lipsticks that has been around for more than 8 months and then rearrange everything else because i just realised the makeup section is overflowing.

After that would be the nails section and then the accessories section.
Very ambitious i know.

Happy Holidays people!
My holiday is spent watching Gossip Girl re-runs (i’m now back on Season 2!) while clearing all Card Maison artworks!
Off for a double movie date tonight to watch 47 Ronin and i’m hoping tomorrow we can go eat at East Coast. I miss the Honey Chicken Wings there.

Speaking about movies, ever since i discovered Cathay West Mall have these Elite Club Seats, i never go to any other movie theatre! The seats are uber-comfortable cos u can recline the back rest and the leg rest. Not to mention, the leg room is so spacious.
Tickets are from $11.50 – $15.00. Not that much difference from the normal ticket price for the additional comfort. Not sure if it’s available at any other Cathay Theatres though but worth checking it out!


online temptations.

that feeling when u receive so many email notifications on X’Mas Sale for online stores but u are refraining from succumbing to the temptation because you know how awful shipping is during the X’Mas Season.

As much as it is so tempting to buy, shipping is such a bitch during the festive season.

Last year, i ordered $300 worth of clothes (together with my ex-colleagues) through Dorothy Perkins online, shipped from UK to Singapore and it took a whole 2 months before Vpost could detect it and notify me of the shipment. For that 2 whole months, my tracking just could not be detected. My order was stated as shipped on DP’s website but when i tried tracking it, it was unavailable. Imagine my distress for that 2 months. Stuff i ordered that should have reached me by Christmas got held off and i received it closer to Chinese New Year. Selamat bukan Hari Raya!

At the same time, i ordered some clothes from ASOS worth about $100 and used their Free Worldwide Shipping, obviously with no Tracking no, cos it’s free anyway, Ahhhhh bad move. The entire thing just got lost in transition.
i never did get what i ordered and ASOS Customer during festive season wasn’t very helpful at all.

This year, i’m never ordering anything online this festive season unless i can get expedited shipping free or less than USD$20.00 cos i don’t see any point paying more than S$30.00 for shipping alone.

I’m still waiting for my Forever 21 loot from the Black Friday Sale. But at least i know it’s with Vpost now.
I’m not even considering shopping at the mall. The crowd is horrendous. Everybody is out there buying stuff!

Her, Trying To Conceive

Ready, set go!

I cleared the office today. Now it’s spick & span. 
Cleared half of the laundry, folded & hanged some of them. I honestly need to spring-clean my wardrobe.
I have too many clothes. My spring-clean mantra, if i have not used it for 6 months then i don’t need it! 

I’m gonna continue spring-cleaning this entire week. Friday is the surgery date and i’m just scared if i don’t clean up the house now, it’ll be a jungle next week. 
And i hope my menses don’t come before Friday cos if it does, we’ll have to reschedule my surgery and my schedule is so packed this November i don’t think i want to reschedule. 

Oh, the entire last week, i went on an online shopping frenzy. Most sites were having Sale and i know i was complaining i have too many clothes but i can’t help it! 


The Big 30

Officially in the 30’s club. But i am always always young at heart!

At 30, i wish i have achieved more than what i have now but syukur Alhamdulilah for all that He has given me so far.
All the experience and the opportunities given were priceless and i will not trade them for anything.

To cut the story short, i think everybody is excited for that Jumbo!


I went to the Chanel at Taka! Love the service there although that place is totally littered with rich indons & Arabs!

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Beauty & Skincare, Her


i was looking to change my skincare routine as SKII does not seem to work for me anymore and Philosophy & Clarisonic came to mind cos of all the great reviews.

20131022_185957 20131022_190111

I got the Clarisonic Mia 2 because it has two speed settings and 2 years warranty. See, perangai makcik2 dah terserlah.
It’s $215.00 at Sephora and there’s actually an older version at $170.00, with 1 speed setting and 1 year warranty.

Based on the three times i have used it, AWESOME!
My face feels so clean. I didn’t expect it to be so gentle though so that’s a plus! The bristles were really fine & delicate so it does not scratch your face lah. The last thing i want would be scratches.

And then at Philosophy, i got served by this Angmoh guy who use to be a fireman back in California and now selling skincare! i just find that hilarious actually. Lol

I was actually looking for the Clear As Day range but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore yet. So i got a mix of everything.
I have Oily Skin and some of my main concerns include Dull Complexion, Dark Circles, Acne scars & dark spots.

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BIG hair

I’ve got natural curls and my hair is really fine and limp hence when i chopped it short, memang lah masalah besar sekali.
Firstly because Abang sam forbade me to rebond my hair / flat iron it cos it will look even more flat and having flat short hair is not exactly nice for me. He told me i’ll need to blow dry my hair to get my desired results. But blow drying & styling my hair is seriously a bitch!
Blowdrying it with my normal hair dryer just did not yield the kind of result i wanted so i was on a lookout to splurge on a salon hairdryer.

While looking for reviews, i came across the Babyliss Big Hair. Watched youtube reviews and i was sold!
I’ve been using it for a month now and totally no regrets.

It’s not that expensive, compared to a salon hair dryer (which can cost up to $300 for  really good one) but it does an equally good job! Perfect for noobs like me and it takes me about 15mins to get my short bob in place.

This was one of the reviews done for shorter hair. I was sold after this video because her hair texture is about the same as mine.

Those with longer hair, you can also use this and smoothen your tresses with it really quickly.

I got mine here and it’s retailing for $159.00
Totally worth it for all the time it has saved me! Recommended Liza to get and she loves it too!

And no, this is not a blog advertorial! lol


all dressed up

Few days back, i met an old girlfriend, who got married few months before me.
She is also trying to conceive so yes we are still enjoying couple time with our spouses.

but i couldn’t resist asking her “what the hell happen to you?”
i wanted to add in “did the robber take away your entire wardrobe?!”

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m never judgemental on what people wear and don’t wear but i was taken aback when she said
“i’m married already what. Nak melawa lagi buat apa?” 

To each her own honestly but isn’t looking presentable an unspoken code among women, married or single.
And by being presentable, you don’t need to be flashing the latest IT bag, draping yourself in the finest silk and all the likes.

At least my definition of being presentable while out in the public;
washed hair, ironed clothes, proper footwear and at least a lightly made-up face or if you’re not someone who wears makeup, at least blot the oils away?

Kind of got me thinking, do married women get complacent?

Her, The Husband & Wife

No 10.

Finally can take a deeeep breath and relax a bit cos most of the December wedding artworks are ready & printed!
Oh my punyalah ramai orang kahwin bulan 12!

And oh… it’s October!!!!!
I love October for many many reasons.

5th October – Our Engagement Anniversary 
15th October – Our Wedding Anniversary 
25th October – My Birthday! 

Apart from that, it’s also the bestie’s birthday as well and because we love buying cosmetics together, we’ve been receiving sms-es from retailers on discounts etc. Chanel & YSL is offering Free Makeover & gifts. Tangs is giving us 10% off beauty products so i’m expecting some girly girly time with her again!

So no prizes for guessing why i heart October that much.

That also means i’m getting nearer to getting my Flap!

I’ve decided on the Caviar Leather, Gold Hardware and that’s final.
I’ve been deliberating far too long and what made me finally decided on Caviar Leather was because my lambskin WOC is having scratches now. Not very very visible but oh sangat heart pain seh. Especially when people langgar my bag and leave a scratch, sama rasa sakit hati bila my hubby find a scratch on the car! hahaha

So i figured, since i’m getting a Jumbo because of the size and practicality, then Caviar leather it is!

And looking at how obsessed i am with the Flaps, i am already saving for a Red Reissue with gold Hardware. sigh.
I can’t believe i am slaving myself for bags.

Oh and the husband managed to get off-in-lieu for this month so we’re off to Turi Beach for our Anniversary again! Weeeee.
I initially thought since we’ve got a long weekend, we could probably fly to Gold Coast or something. Alas, the flight timings and dates were not in our favour. Wanted to get tickets to Bali / Krabi instead but because it’s super last minute, it was really expensive and so not worth it for a short flight and because it was a long weekend, some of the seats were already snapped up.

but it was a blessing in disguise cos my FIL reminded us about this event we need to attend on 13th october! hahaha
Selamat tak book ticket. So no long weekends! We’ll go on monday and come back on Hari Raya Haji instead!
But that’s ok cos i plan to just laze around, read a book, swim & eat while i’m there.




of girly times

After the Expo, on Monday, i got up really late, just to make up for all the early mornings and then on Tuesday, i had a date with the bestie, Liza. We met up for lunch at Tong Seng. If you have not heard, Tong Seng Coffeeshop, the one behind Bugis Junction, at Liang Seah Street will be closing down come 15 October 2013 and of course i had to go and pay them a visit before it shut it’s doors. I spent most of my teenage years there! I use to skip classes and go for a 3-hr long lunch break just so i could eat the Mushroom Chicken Noodles, Laksa, Fried Wanton and Sliced Fish soup. Liza and me continues to eat at Tong Seng after we graduated and moved on to working life and previously when Liza was still back in UK, i’ll miss her when i pass by Tong Seng. So yes, Tong Seng held many good memories.

I couldn’t decide on what to eat but i settled for the laksa. No Taugeh, extra cockles. Yum yum.


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Her, The Card Maison

See you maybe?

Participating in the Wedding expo by MegaXpress for the 2nd time.

This time, with more partners on board!

TCM Posters

If you happen to be at the Expo, please say Hello to me ok!

There will be discounts for wedding invites of course and if you let me know u’re a reader, i might just throw in a little bit more discount & freebies!