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red alert

So Aunt Flo showed up today, to my excitement!
Been waiting for a week for it to show but i guess she’s being considerate, wanting me to enjoy the Gold Coast trip before it’s grand appearance.

Why was i excited for this month’s cycle? Because this determine my IVF Start date.

On 27 February, the afternoon before we left for Gold Coast, we popped in  Clinic of Human Reproduction (CHR) for a session with the Psychologist.  A total waste of $90 if you ask me. Psychologist was telling us things that we obviously know. Common sense stuff, really. But oh well, it was one of the prerequisite for IVf so we went ahead anyway.
We also drew out blood for HIV & Hepatitis Test. I was initially scheduled to start IVF in March. However, the menses came late for Feb Cycle so the nurse told me they might have to push to May/June instead. I was initially upset about it cos i was so looking forward to poking myself with needles wanted to get the IVF done possibly before Ramadhan kicks in. But the kind nurse (bless her) kept telling me if i get my menses within 1st week of March, she will try and squeeze me for April session. I also picked up my prescription of Noresthisterone during this visit. 

I called the CHR early this morning as per the nurse instruction. They called me back late afternoon. I’m starting on Noresthisterone on the 18th day of my cycle for 14 days. Will stop on 6th April and i have an appointment on 11 April with the doctor for a scan and the start of the injection. So Insyaallah, we’ll be starting the IVF Session on 11 April.
My only worry is because we’re supposed to go Bandung on 18 April with my parents. Not sure if it would clash with the scan dates though. Hopefully not cos it’s the Good Friday weekend!

I’m already starting to eat more healthily now and drink more plain water as opposed to carbonated / sugared drinks.
Wish me luck!

If you ever need someone to talk to / share your infertility woes, u can PM me on Facebook or Email me at bride.blogette@gmail.com

It’s always nice to hear from some of you who are going thru the same thing, even better when we are going to the same clinic! Like i’m not alone.

Oh you know, during the last psychologist session, she mentioned that i’m very positive and she asked who i can turn to for support during the IVF session. Apart from the husband, family and friends, i know i have you guys to spur me on. I have always been open about IVF and i feel that helps to keep me sane. Talking about it openly kinda diffuse my fear a bit. Because when i tell people about my fertility treatments, i feel people open up to me as well on their infertility and it makes me think that fertility treatment is not that bad. You need help, you seek for one. To each her own really, but i feel happy each time a reader tell me she’s decided to go for fertility treatment after reading about my experience. Small steps, people! 🙂

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in a week.

Done with the hectic week from the last expo!
It was so tiring! Mainly because i had to wake up early on weekends and my booth was very near to the stage and it was so loud, i got very irritated most of the time.

But i got to meet a lot of people. Some recognised me as the girl with that blog on the budget wedding! Hahahaha
That was hilarious!

Last Tuesday, husband took leave and we went to NUH for our appointment with Prof PC Wong.
It was a short meeting, we asked what we wanted to ask about IVF and honestly, i don’t know what else to ask because i read so much about IVF already! I did ask him about the possibility of OHSS and he mentioned my drug protocol will be lower cos of my AMH Level and he don’t want me to suffer from OHSS. All is good and now we are waiting for my Feb cycle to start before i go take my 1st medication and start with the IVF Cycle in March. Prof PC Wong told us there would be an in-house IVF seminar 1st week of March but we would be out of town and had to miss that seminar. Pretty bummed about it because it would definitely give us a good insight on the entire procedure. We will have another session end feb with a Psychologist to help us prepare mentally for IVF. I picked up some brochures on Gonal -F injection pens.. The one that we’ll be using for the IVF and i’m done psyching myself that it would be ok! Saw the short needles and i figured it would be ok! Nurse told me the drugs are in pure form (hence the hefty price tag) so when injected, you feel less pain or no pain at all. I keep telling myself “I can do this. If others can do this, so can i. If i can’t do this, then i’m not prepared for childbirth because that would be even more painful!” I swear i’m the worst motivator ever.

On another note, we finally decided where to go for the CNY Weekend. Bandung again, this time with friends.
While they can’t wait to shop, i can’t wait to eat good food!
I kind of have lost the novelty of shopping in Singapore / overseas, unless it’s online shopping at specific plus size sites.
In fact, i have 4 shipments of clothes coming in from different sites. So the thought of shopping at Bandung doesn’t really excite me that much actually. Actually come to think of it, i really should just do up another entry on Plus Size clothes before this entry gets too long!


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two thousand thirteen

this is 2013 in retrospect. Awesome stuff happens in 2013 without me realising it.
I don’t really keep track of everything i’ve done in 2013 but these are the things that stood out to me.

The Card Maison made it’s first debut at the Wedding Expo in 2013.
It was an awesome experience. Tired but very rewarding.


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Trying To Conceive


If you go through my posts tagged “Trying To Conceive”, you’ll see most of it are locked up with a password now.

With the recent viral post, i got really uncomfortable with posting too detailed details. But i know a few percentage of my readers are trying to conceive as well in fact some of you started seeing a gynae for fertility check after reading my posts to see if anything is wrong as well and while i don’t think people should be judgemental on people who are trying very hard to conceive, i just can’t help but feel maybe i should let the viral post die down a bit before i start posting freely about TTC.

Meanwhile, if you still wanna read my post on TTC, you can email me at bride.blogette@gmail.com for the password. That’s all you have you to do and i’ll give you the password. It would be even awesome if you have a blog and include your blog link! I would love to read about others TTC journey!

When everything dies down a bit and this blog is not getting so much attention, i’ll blog more openly on my TTC journey.

13,000 new visitor and 19,000 page views over 3 days is a bit too much attention for me. Lol
how the hell did it get all viral i have no idea! Hahahaha

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Ready, set go!

I cleared the office today. Now it’s spick & span. 
Cleared half of the laundry, folded & hanged some of them. I honestly need to spring-clean my wardrobe.
I have too many clothes. My spring-clean mantra, if i have not used it for 6 months then i don’t need it! 

I’m gonna continue spring-cleaning this entire week. Friday is the surgery date and i’m just scared if i don’t clean up the house now, it’ll be a jungle next week. 
And i hope my menses don’t come before Friday cos if it does, we’ll have to reschedule my surgery and my schedule is so packed this November i don’t think i want to reschedule. 

Oh, the entire last week, i went on an online shopping frenzy. Most sites were having Sale and i know i was complaining i have too many clothes but i can’t help it! 

Trying To Conceive

of being a mom

one minute i was looking at makeup tutorials and then people unboxing their new handbags and then i saw a full movie and i figured why not?

i thought it’ll be boring since i didn’t even recognize any of the actor & actresses.
But at the end of it, i cried. Like full-on crying without the hingus meleleh part of cos. I’ll reserve that for some other things.

Mom at Sixteen tugged at my heartstrings.
It’s about Jacey, a sixteen year old who got pregnant and struggling and a school teacher, Jenna, happily married and struggling to get pregnant,

I’m not sure if it’s my PMS acting up but i feel for Jenna. I understand that struggles and frustration. I’m glad things worked out for her and Insya Allah, things will work out for me and hubs too.

If you might be interested to shed some tears, here’s the movie!