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10 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 10 weeks pregnant now and we’re fast approaching the end of the 1st trimester. I’m still pretty keeping it low key still cos we’re still cautious although i’ve been asked many times about the outcome of our Cycle No 2 and i hope people understand why I choose not to answer yet.

The 1st trimester with No 2 is so so different from Nadya’s. With Nadya i was really careful, more relaxed. Tak buat kerja mostly and had zero morning sickness except for some headaches.

This 2nd pregnancy, i was more active. It conveniently happen to be one of my busiest period with the sales of Sampul Raya & Dear Raessa during the festive season. I packed 1200 packages to be mailed all on my own. I still don’t know how i did it but i did it guysss. I left most of the carrying of heavy things to Rusly though. Although i also did an islandwide delivery for the sampul resellers during 1st week Ramadhan and it was so exhausting, i’m never doing it again! It was really exhausting & also all the travelling by car made me wanna puke seh.

If that’s not enough, i also did 3 days of Laloolalang Bazaar from 2pm – 11pm. Obviously after all that, my back hurt so badly so i took 2 days off from doing anything. Helped a lot really because after that, Raya spring cleaning starts!

With the 2nd pregnancy, i had morning sickness. It wasn’t an everyday thing, thank goodness but enough to make me feel so lousy. I’ll puke at the smell of garlic or anything strong. I’ll puke when brushing my teeth. I’ve changed my toothpaste brand so it’s helping! I’ll also puke with mouthwash cos it’ll leave an aftertaste and i used to be ok with it but this time, cannot take it.

I also cannot stand crowds. I get really mabuk macam nak pitam that kind, which explains why i was sitting most of the time at Laloolalang. So glad my sisters & husband were around to help!

I’m not complaining though cos i know some people have it really bad and i know this will go away soon! Right now, i’m just glad to be given another chance to be pregnant. Morning sickness or not.

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7 Weeks Pregnant

Today, i went for my 1st scan.
8.30am at Fetal Care Centre for the scan and then 10.00am at Clinic G for my review appt with the IVF Clinic.

2nd pregnancy and i’m still so nervous. Heck, even if it’s my 4th pregnancy pun, i think i’ll still be nervous seh. I went with an open mind but i’m secretly hoping for a singleton still cos i honestly don’t think i am capable of looking after twins, during & after pregnancy. But really, i’m just hoping for a viable pregnancy. Jangan lah tetiba scan & they find a blighted ovum ke chemical pregnancy ke. But Alhamdulillah, i saw the cute little fetus on screen with the blinking heartbeat. So emotional i cried.

Everything is going well so far and we’re having another singleton. Yayyyy!
I thought i was only 6 weeks but turns out to be 7 weeks and my EDD is set to be Jan 20 2018 which is a week after Nadya’s 3rd birthday. Another January baby! And so close to each other so boleh je save duit & celebrate birthday sama2. HAHAHAHA

It is also funny how things work out. When me & Rusly embarked on our TTC journey, we kinda agree on having our 2nd one at least 3yrs apart and really Allah plan cun-cun for us to have the 2nd one after Nadya turns 3. Sekali adik comes out before Nadya’s birthday ehh. Lol

My next appointment will be on my 12 weeks pregnancy for the down syndrome scan. Oh yeah luckily i called the Women’s Clinic way before the IVF started. Cos i heard the waitlist for Dr Citra is even longer now. I called them in April and only managed to get an appointment in September! Hahaha. But just nice ah. September would be my 20th weeks and i can just sign up for the maternity package from there & see Dr Citra for the rest of my pregnancy. Sticking with Dr Citra cos i’m comfortable with her & really think she’s great! Till the next update!

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

40 weeks

Ok nak jugak blog sampai 40 weeks! LOL

Went for my routine check up today. Early this morning, i drank air zam zam, ate kurma and talked to baby. Told her “Ok babe, let’s make this our final check up please.” 

Was supposed to go the Fetal Scan Centre at 11.30am and then see Dr Citra at 12.30pm but i forgot about the 11.30am appointment and strolled in the Women’s Clinic like a boss at 12.30pm instead. Now, this is why i need to deliver my baby soon because the pregnancy brain is seriously tak kelakar. Luckily Dr Citra said she’ll do the scan herself nanti!

So first up was the CTG Monitoring. Was a little anxious cos yesterday, it feels like baby is making less movement. She used to kick me really hard and now all i feel is just her squirming. So to hear the heartbeat loud and clear when they did the CTG Monitor was very reassuring and then guess what, my little girl think it’s funny to move around a lot during the entire CTG Monitor. The machine beeped a few times cos it lost contact with baby’s heartbeat cos she was all over the place so the nurse sat next to me, holding the small monitor terkejar2 kan heartbeat budak kecik ni. Lol.

After that, Dr C did a scan to mainly check on my Amniotic Fluid level and to quote her “it’s on the lower side of the healthy range.” A healthy AFI Level should be between 5 – 20. Mine is at 7. So my waterbag level is slowly decreasing. Bila masa dia decrease i also don’t know. I told Dr C about the lower pelvic pain i had in the morning. It was so intense i had to bend down and rest at the kitchen sink and could barely walk. But it went away after that so it could be a muscle spasm or something. TMI but i really wanted to pass motion at that time but i was too scared to. LOL

Told her my Braxton Hicks contractions was intense last sunday. I first thought it was contractions but when i timed it, it was irregular. So i didn’t bother calling the delivery suite. Dr C told me it is definitely my body preparing for labour and i could be dilated already so she offered to check my cervix and do a membrane sweep.

My cervix is soft and i was already 3cm dilated. Baby is also quite low already based on the scan.
Based on that alone, she asked me if i’m ok with being warded today. But i asked her if it’s ok i go in to the Delivery Suite tomorrow instead because i wanna go home and wash my hair 1st. Hahahahahaha. Not kidding.
Partly also because i wanna eat Prosperity Burger & Twister fries nanti malam and also because DHL is coming to deliver my car seat cover today and i don’t want to miss the delivery. PRIORITIES ALL WRONG! LOL

That and also i’m hoping that the membrane sweep will somehow kickstart the contraction and i can start labour naturally tonight. Else, Dr C will break my waterbag tomorrow. Think she’s concerned because my waterbag level is decreasing and because baby is making less movements. So yes, i figure better be safe than sorry. I told her to put off inducing me and do another membrane sweep 1st besok before she break my waterbag. ewaaaah.. aku pulak yang mengajar!
But damn that membrane sweep is sooo uncomfortable. It’s like Pap Smear x 10. Cos she pushed her finger right up to my cervix and then make sweeping motions with her fingers. I bled after the membrane sweep and i’m still bleeding but she said it’s normal after a membrane sweep procedure.

It’s now 3 hours after the membrane sweep and i do feel cramps and backache.
I also think i was already having mild contractions all this while, cuma aku je tak tau. Hahahaha. Tau2 dah 3cm dilated.

I’ve packed all my necessities in the hospital bag already. Now just waiting for dinner time, to order McDees and then hopefully i get to sleep for a bit because tomorrow will be another intense day.

Wish me luck!

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

39 weeks

oh yeah.. Baby is still in my tum-tum.
Had another Gynae appointment yesterday and Dr C told me “try going for long walks.. take the stairs.. eat spicy food”
So i went shopping at Jem after the appointment to look for nursing bras and some other necessity, like errr cute hairbands for me. Lol

The shopping trip had me in stitches though (and few hundreds poorer!). I had Braxton Hicks in the midst of all the shopping. I’ve been having frequent Braxton Hicks and probably some false labor contractions the other night. But nothing so painful that warrant a visit to the hospital. After all, the cramps kinda subside when i move around so i figured it’s not a real contraction. So yes, i’m still wondering how real contraction feels like.

I’m also nursing a fever, flu and a bad cough. So i’m kind glad labour has not started yet cos i prefer not to be sick during labour. I get really cranky when i’m sick and the thought of having to push a baby out seems like double the hard work. So i told Dr C to prescribe me meds so i can clear the flu & cough up asap and i was given some antibiotics safe for pregnancy.

Dr C also mentioned checking my waterbag levels and an internal check next week and if baby is still not out yet, we’ll set a date for a possible induction at 41 weeks cos my sugar levels seems to be on a higher side these days. Although to be honest i blame it on the honey i’ve been taking to soothe the cough (ok lah… to be fair, i also indulged in Ben & Jerry’s. Lots of it!) But of course i didn’t tell Dr C that! Some things, you just don’t tell your gynae lah ok. Kidding.

Friends & family have been msg-ing me regularly to ask if i’ve given birth. Even Rusly’s colleagues have been asking him “is the baby out yet?”. Looks like we’re not the only excited ones!


Me at 39 weeks. I love my new pyjamas. So cute! But Rusly told me i look like a Vietnamese maid. Boohoo.
Or maybe he meant Vietnamese Mail Order Bride. Hahahaha

It’s even harder to sleep now. I sleep for 3 hours interval most of the time and each time i toss & turn in bed, Rusly will wake up and ask “You ok? Sakit ke? Contractions eh?” Lol.
Somebody will be having sleepless night for a week or so.

I’ve been tempted to try other natural labour-inducing method and then i saw this hilarious video on Youtube.

So cute lah this woman! Hahaha.
I might just be tempted to do this if i still don’t have any labour signs by next week! But probably not when Rusly is at home.
Super embarrassing sak. Dah macam ni.



Pregnancy, Third Trimester

37 Weeks

We’ve reached full term today, Alhamdulillah.
37 weeks checkup done today. Was slightly late as i was too sleepy. I could barely open my eyes. But i had a solid 6 hours undisrupted sleep last night which i’m thankful for because i was so tired from all the previous sleepless nights. I even took a nap while waiting for my appointment tadi.

Something funny happened earlier, i was slouched on the sofa and sitting in front of me is another pregnant lady and her son, who is probably about 4-5 years old? Baby was really active this morning. She kept moving and kicking and my tummy was all senget sebelah. At one point, the little boy saw the baby moving and he was so amazed he kept looking at my tummy and then at his mum and then he looked at me as if i’m keeping anak kucing dlm perut. Hahahaha. So cute lah the boy!

My Strep B test came out negative so we’ll do without the antibiotic drip when i go into labour nanti.
My BP is normal so far and i was telling Dr C that i feel increased pressure down below. It’s heavier and harder to walk.
So while doing some routine check, Dr C mentioned baby is engaged and i’m already going through the lightening process whereby the baby is moving towards the birth canal.


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Pregnancy, Third Trimester

36 Weeks

and we’re at 36 weeks this week. tick tock tick tock.
Macam cepat gila and baby will be full term next week.

I had high hopes of finishing a lot of baby related stuff last week but the MIL was admitted to the hospital again last week and i’ve been busy going to and fro hospital and so it remained stagnant.

But early this week, i managed to wash some of baby’s clothes and swaddles. Next would be her bath towels, washcloths etc pulak, Can i just mention how divine baby detergent smells like? And how cute baby clothes are?! Hahaha


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Pregnancy, Third Trimester


main_turkeyThis is how i feel these days. Macam stuffed turkey baru kluar oven. Baby is still quite high up so i have difficulty breathing most of the time. I try to walk around the house more, hoping it’ll provide me relief. Tapi kaki pulak sakit, because of the water retention. #pregnancyproblems.

I also have a huge appetite these days. You should peep in my bag. It’s filled with snacks.
Macam kedai mama bag tu sampai out of shape and all. I get hungry all the time. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling peckish and i’ll start eating small bites. When i wake up in the morning, it’s full on hungry! Macam 3 hari tak makan punya hungry. Surprising cos i lost appetite during the 1st & 2nd trimester and then now it’s back with a vengeance!

Other than that, my nesting period has finally kicked in. We got the IKEA Drawer up last night. Major achievement i tell you. So proud of Rusly. LOL
I also managed to finish up some DIY project last week.


Like this Bolster & Pillow Set. From some scrap cloth i found from previous projects. Will try and sew crib sheets next when i have time to buy more cloth!

I’ve also finished up the Name Blocks! Will take a picture of it soon!
Now in the midst of spray painting some rattan ‘treasure box” and the existing IKEA Shelvings in the room and pasting some design strips on the IKEA Drawers.

I’m still thinking if i should buy the Wall stickers from Etsy but the thought of fixing it up macam lemau sikit. Although actually Rusly will be the one fixing it up because he won’t allow me to climb up a ladder. But OCD me would want to pasang sendiri.

As of now, i’ve sorted out baby clothes, removed tags and arranged them nicely in the drawer. Till i have time to go and do the 1st wash and then next would be to find out what to put in the hospital bag and print out a labour cheat sheet for Rusly. Like where to go when i’m in labour, Delivery Suite Hotline, where to do the Birth Cert & Baby Bonus Registration etc..


34 weeks this week! 6 weeks to meeting my babe, InshaAllah.
I know 6 weeks will pass by really fast. But when you’re in your last trimester, 6 weeks pass by so slowly!

IMG_5385Help! I can barely see my feet now!
And i swear by my FitFlops! I use to think they are overpriced slippers but ohmaigod they are so comfortable, i’m not kidding you! if you’re pregnant and you think all your flats / sandals are damn kurangajar to you, go and buy FitFlops!

Ok dah. This entry is getting too random already. Lol