Pregnancy, Third Trimester

Home Stretch…..Baby!

and so we say Hello to the last trimester and hopefully it’ll be as smooth-sailing as the entire pregnancy. Admittedly, the 1st trimester is not exactly a bed of roses but kira ok lah kan.. Tak cerewet.. All the nausea and the morning sickness that came with it is quite normal & bearable actually. I know some people had it reaaalllly bad. Think Kate Middleton, sampai masuk hospital semua for morning sickness. Or maybe not ah.. she’s part of the Royal Family so obviously she’s given the royal treatment kan? But u get what i mean? Some people really had it bad, going in and out of the toilet from morning to night, so i shall not complain excessively about the 1st trimester because #inisemuanormal.

I had my 28 weeks Growth scan yesterday. It was an additional scan requested by my gynae cos of my low amniotic fluid detected previously so naturally i was pretty nervous. I didn’t read too much into it though cos i didn’t wanna scare myself unnecessarily. But for the last 2 months, i drank so much water, you cannot imagine! Cos that is the only way to counter the problem and Alhamdulilah, my amniotic fluid is back up in the healthy range.

This time round, the waiting time was pretty fast, by that, i mean max 30-40mins wait.
I managed to see baby on screen again.. She’s so big now, she’s filling up the entire womb space already. She’s now 1.1kg. No wonder i feel heavier. Went to see Dr Citra for the scan review after that, asked for the travel note and then she dropped a not so good news. I have borderline Gestational Diabetes.


Told you i was scared of GD cos my mom had it during her pregnancies and actually i thought i’m safe from GD cos i didn’t hear any news from them.
From my blood test results, my sugar level is in a good range after the 12hr fast. Which goes to show that i don’t have any diabetes prior to the pregnancy but my Sugar level is at 9 after taking the glucose drink. The passing rate is 7.7 so mine is really borderline. But because this was taken at 26 weeks, Dr Citra think it’s best i visit the Diabetic Clinic to control the situation because GD gets harder to control as the pregnancy progress. But with a good diet, hopefully i get to control my sugar levels. I probably have to start pricking fingers to check on my sugar levels before and after meals. I have an appointment next week at the Diabetic Clinic so we shall see what they recommend i do.

Hearing this news just before i go KL to binge is a bit of a party-pooper lah honestly but on the other hand, quite glad i found out about it, so i can keep it under control. It’s for a few more months, i just need to avoid sugary stuff and eat Low-GI food. I can do it!

After the whole appointment with the Gynae, the admin staff request i do a pre-registration for Admissions. They went through stuff like:

  • Count The Kicks from 32 weeks onwards.
  • Keeping track of contractions and the number to call if i need to talk to a Midwife if my waterbag burst or i have blood showing etc.
  • We went through the wards available, estimated costs etc and i’ve pre-booked the ward that we’ll be staying in.
  • The hospital checklist. What to bring for myself and baby.

Pretty surreal actually to be doing the pre-registration this early but at least we got this part done and over with.

IMG_5076and what’s a post without pictures! Notice that at 16 weeks and 28 weeks, i was wearing the same thing but with a different style. The dress is too short for me now, it’s obscene to wear it on it’s own! Lol
So i wear it as a tunic now with my maternity leggings and i practically live in my maternity leggings nowadays. Those and dresses. Thankfully i don’t really have to buy any other maternity clothings apart from the leggings. I can still fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes just fine because most of it are either A-Line Cutting or stretchable.

I’m also down with Fever, Flu & Cough this week and the husband kind of caught the flu bug from me too so off we went to see the GP today. But baby constant kicking is making it hard for me to sleep. She has been really active this week, i wanna count the kicks also i tak kuasa already because she seems to be kicking all the time!

Ok till the next update, maybe after i meet the Dietician to discuss about the new diet etc! Not excited about it but oh wells, let’s just get it done and over with!

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