The 31st

The 31st was a simple affair. I guess as u grow older, u don’t really care much for birthday celebrations. I wanted to spend the day with my family and i was glad to be able to do so.

I requested for Mak’s Place cos i wanted to eat Salted Egg Crab. It’s been a while!

Oohhh salted egg, i love u so.

We all went back to my parent’s place after that to continue our conversations till late night. Nothing beats the comfort of home, eh?

For my 30th, i got myself The Bag. This year, i got myself another bag. A diaper bag. LOL

And i changed my phone, at last! I was reluctant to change my phone cos the iPhone was part of my hantaran gift from Rusly, 3 years ago. So sentimental me refused to change the phone but the iPhone 4 was lagging so badly and it wouldn’t be compatible with iOS 8. The iPhone 6 it is then! I wouldn’t exactly call myself an iPhone evangelist but i just prefer the iPhone / iOS. I tried using Android once and i didn’t like it as much. I was about to just go get the iPhone 6 Plus and then realized it was so big! I couldn’t hug the phone in my small palm. LOL.

And please stop asking iPhone 6 users if they can bend their phones. It’s annoying and really why would u want to purposely bend a phone?

Another 28 weeks bump shot.

One thing i wish i did, was to consistently take weekly bump shots but most of the time i’m in singlets and shorts, my weekly bump shots would be so selekeh.

So that sums up my favourite October!
Love October cos;
– we got engaged on 5th October
– we got married on 15th October
– my birthday on 25th October

And no it wasn’t all planned. Especially my birthday, of course.

7 thoughts on “The 31st”

    1. Thank you adik! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I think most pregnant woman have this glow around them or actually ada app untuk edit gambar jadi nampak glowy sikit. Lol

  1. Happy Birthday again babe! Mmm I love me some salted egg crab too! Agree with Farna, you’re positively radiant ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, InsyaAllah you can manage the GD since its borderline only.

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