Pregnancy, Second Trimester

Birth Classes

Would anyone be kind enough to recommend me Birth Classes, preferably by a Muslim Doula etc?
NUH hold Antenatal Classes but i would prefer something more errr.. spiritual? How do i put it eh? Something that is not so clinical because i foresee the content at the Antenatal Class at NUH would be something i can get off from Google.

I was set on attending Yaqyn Birth Classes cos Rina went and gave good reviews but i was a little too late cos by the time i’ve decided to attend, Yaqyn has stopped all classes for this year as she is in her last trimester and giving birth anytime soon.

I didn’t wanna go too early, scared that both me & Rusly would kind of forget about the things we’ll learn at the classes. Was looking forward to classes in November / December.

Might be registering for the Breastfeeding Classes by Blessed Beginnings soon because i’m keen to breastfeed and would like to prepare myself mentally for that and maybe also cos i kind of needed the push? I’ve been reading how some new moms suffer from breastfeeding and give up halfway and i just needed to know how i can overcome all these.

I know some MTB think that these classes are not necessary because if other mothers can survive motherhood without going to these classes, then i should be able to. I can already conjure up images of people who would say that to me actually, but to each her own really. I think i’ll benefit from these classes and it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge i’ll acquire.

4 thoughts on “Birth Classes”

  1. i think it’s a smart move to get as much information as you can before you give birth! more information can only help you babe!

  2. I asked my nurse about it and she said, “Tak payah nak buang duit semua. Nanti kalau kau nak beranak, kau tau je lah ape nak buat.”

    Most epic advice ever.

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