Special Events

Unleashing the inner Minah in me.

Last weekend was major exciting.

I went for the Slam’s Concert with the boy, Azmi & Nori.
I bought the $120.00 one with Nori and sat 5 rows away from the stage while the boy and Azmi got a $70.00 ticket and sat behind. lol.
I step single for 3 jam je.

The concert was awesome. I have nothing bad to say about it.
It was so awesome, i lost my voice after that after all the constant singing and screaming. I felt like a 16 year old again.

I swear the boy layankan je angau aku. But you gotta give it to the boys (Slam, i mean). The whole concert macam dengar kat CD hokey!

The music sedap, suara Zamani tak yah cakap. Sama macam dengar kat CD! It was worth the $$ i paid for the tickets.

And then, on Sunday, Jentayu was invited to perform for Darul Mawa Relocation project along side with other local and malaysian artiste including….
















Yes, my abang Awie. My heart cannot take it, i tell you.
I nak amik gambar ngan dia pun i malu. *facepalm*

He was so so so close to me, macam nak pengsan! lol
Again, the boy layan kan je angau aku. hahaha kesian dia.
Dapat bini perasan.

But it’s ok. I is meeting him again on 25 March sama akak Ella i.

tak sabar.

note: in case you people think i’m a psychotic groupie, no.
I don’t really go gaga over malaysian artistes except for Awie, Slam, M Nasir and Siti Nurhaliza. The rest, i can’t be bothered much. lol

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my 28th

So, i celebrated my 28th last 2 days. The colleagues surprised me with pizza and a birthday and to be really honest, i nearly forgot my birthday. Not because i’m turning 28 and i’m in denial. lol

But because planning the wedding actually took up the bulk of my memory space. haha

It was a simple celebration, but sweet nonetheless.

The boy took me out for a movie date on my birthday and it was a much needed one. Dah lama tak tengok wayang! We caught What’s Your Number and i was ogling at Chris Evans the whole time. tsk.

Go watch it! Although the movie is really quite predictable but it had some awesome, original lines.

On rainy deepavali, we were out visiting relatives. That’s all we gonna do at least for another week!


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The Burkill Hall Wedding

I don’t know if i have mentioned the Burkill Hall Wedding that Jentayu was performing at, 3 weeks ago but Azmi just uploaded some pictures of the event and i thought i’ll share it with you guys.

I was reading Miss H post on the outdoor locations and remembered i have not posted on my Burkill Hall experience.

That place, is awesome. If you have the $ to spend, go ahead and do it, however, i would suggest you do a dinner party for friends etc and not the whole makcik2 geng nya reception. Cos to go to Burkill Hall requires walking. Lots of it.

Lagik parah kalau case dinner reception, malam2 kena jalan daerah hutan, tak menyumpah makcik korang?

Apart from that logistics plays an issue. I know, cos we had to carry up our entire sound system up to the 2nd floor. That includes the Big speakers. Boleh hilang 5 kilo, turun naik tangga.

But other than that, that place is perfect. Since it’s already gorgeous on it’s own, it does not require much deco. Our customer did minimal deco and it looks pretty already.

and here’s a short video, a short compilation of the performance we did. Now yang ni kelakar seram sikit. Our lead singer was down with bad sore throat for that day, kes bebual pun susah, apa lagi nyanyi,  but we of course can’t cancel the client last minute. Discuss nya discuss, me and the keyboardist had to stand in for Halim. They only managed to find my chords on the day itself and some songs, while i know how to hum to, i just forget what comes after. Thank god for the boys!
For years, i’ve been telling the boys i’m too shy to sing in front of a crowd, and just when i’m ready to, i get thrown into this kind of situation. lol

But it was fun though! It wasn’t easy but i think with practise, i surely can get used to it.No more stage-fright, ma!


Some pictures from the event we did on 18.09.2011.


Musings of a Bride, Special Events

Staycation: Amara Sentosa

Last weekend was great. My company did a weekend staycation for all of us at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. It was a god-sent cos i was supposed to go for a Tioman Trip on the very same weekend but Luxury Tours cancelled our booking cos they don’t have any more rooms at Paya Beach. bleargh.

The place itself was nothing special to be honest but it was super relaxing cos there was not a lot of people in the resort itself and because it’s a beach resort, u almost feel like it is a beach holiday somewhere.

Too bad it was a 2D1N affair. I wouldn’t mind staying longer. If the company is paying. haha

*All pictures taken with my iPhone, so they are of not the highest quality.

So awesome to be spending Friday afternoon at the beach instead of the office despite the unforgiving sun. I slapped on so much sunblock, i smell like one.

Random hotel pictures i love to take. lol.
I didn’t even get to berendam at the bath tub cos i was so busy having fun with my colleagues.

Their infinity pool was so tempting lah. Macam nak berenang tapi takut gelap.
I’m having my outdoor shoot next month and i don’t wanna look dark in it. sigh.

Dinner was so-so but we managed to catch up with each other and because i was sitting at the same table with my MD, i had to minimise my talk-cock session with my other colleagues. lol


The chempedak creme brulee is to die for. Seriously.
I have never tasted anything better than this.

Right after dinner, me and my team-mates retreat to our room to play Monopoly Deal.
It was awesome. We had so much fun laughing, perut macam nak pecah.


But kalau main Monopoly Deal, takde forfeit macam tak best kan.

So siapa kalah, conteng muka. This is a tribute to my abg guitarist. lol.

Lady luck wasn’t on my side early in the game, hence my conteng-ed face.
yes, that’s sh*it on my forehead. thanks uh. Pipi sebelah tu angry bird that looks like a chicken. haha

I started to gain momentum and won most of the games nearer to the end. Siap ah..

I had a great time with my team-mates.Fooling around like we usually do in the office.
I had a great laugh and it was so hilarious when we called Housekeeping for an extra pillow, then bila budak housekeeping dah picit doorbell baru kita teringat muka kita ada conteng2. Tiga2 tak nak bukak pintu. Dah budak china tu tertunggu2. lol

Luckily my colleague went over to the door, grabbed the pillow and closed the door immediately. lol

Ok, last picture before i go.