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almost an obsession

something frivolous for today. Ezdi bag posts got me started on this!

u know when i was still in the workforce, i take cabs to and fro work every day.
just because i hate the public transport and my colleagues always tell me, instead of spending close to $700 on cabs every mth, i could get a Chanel Flap every year instead. Or a few LV or Prada or Celine or Balenciaga. U get my drift.
Back then, i will never trade cab rides for anything else. But now that im no longer required to travel back & forth office by cabs, maybe a Chanel a year is possible. That’s if my husband don’t murder me for this. lol

Earlier this month, i invested on my first Balenciaga. I can’t remember which actress was holding a red Balenciaga that made me go O_O
but since then, i knew my first Bal would be red and with rose-gold hardware. Because it has been discontinued in 2012, it would be even harder to track one later so i was so happy when i finally track one!

bal 1

bal 2

Super happy with my purchase and the it is so nice when i wear my neutrals. An eye-popping piece.
And have i mention how super soft the leather is? It is so squishy, makes u wanna hug it to sleep and i’m already thinking of getting the next one already, in another style. A Velo maybe?

I’m now looking forward to my 30th birthday in October cos i’ve always wanted to get Chanel Classic Flap when i turn 30.
Must celebrate turning 30 hor!

Preferably Black Caviar, Jumbo size. Not sure which hardware yet.
But probably silver. Gold might be a little harder to wear when i’m wearing jeans etc.

Bila nak October ni?



10 thoughts on “almost an obsession”

  1. Now I really really want my Loewe (haven’t decided which one because everytime I walk into a Loewe store at the airport or overseas I’m overwhelmed) thanks to you and Elzii! The only really branded bag I have is a vintage Fendi. Which I love to death and featured in my old blog. Then I just have a Coach, Kate Spade and a Longchamp. Which don’t fall under luxury. I look forward to your 30th also just to read more about your Chanel 😉

  2. Yes, i feel you! I bought myself a Gucci and a Louis V for my 30th birthday too. *melampau* LOL

    Hoping to get my hands on the jumbo flap at the end of the year when we land in italy…

    1. Ooooh it would be so so much cheaper in Italy! I think at least 1k cheaper sey.
      I wanted to wait till i get to europe to get my 1st Chanel Flap but having it on my 30th would be very significant lah. can u imagine me passing tat bag to my daughter on her 21st Birthday or something? hee (Insyaallah kalau panjang umur. Amin)

      1. i went the MBS one smlm!!
        and got myself some err impulsive purchase but i wont be puas hati until i get my hands on the Jumbo!

  3. Balenciaga is my weaknesssss! Hehe. A velo is next on my list. But since I have a City, wanna save for a Chanel first. Cant wait to see your birthday purchase!!

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