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Trips & Treats

kita yang merancang, Tuhan yang menentukannya.

So drama.
all hopes of any travel escapades this year hancur musnah dan ranap because the husband has recently tendered his resignation and that would mean starting with a new organisation will require him to go through the 3 months probation again, hence no annual leaves.

so, no anniversary trips this year. i think. (i’m still hoping we can squeeze in a short trip somewhere though, cos our anniversary falls on Hari Raya Haji but that also mean he would have to take leave on Monday and i’m not sure if he can do that. le sigh.)

but, if he can’t take leave and we can’t go on trips, i will figure some other memorable stuff we can do. fret not.

on another note, luckily i remembered buying a groupon deal sometime back for Turi Beach Resort at Batam.


It was expiring this month end lah so we managed to scheduled in a trip this thursday since the husband’s last day is this wednesday. a short 2D1N but enough to rejuvenate us to prepare for the tiring weekends ahead.
Cos this Saturday is Metallica!!!!!! \m/
this sunday, we are raya-ing with his colleagues and then next weekend is Azmi & Nori Hort Park Wedding.

Back to the Anniversary trip. If he really wont be able to take the monday off, then a super short weekend getaway would be okay. BIntan or KL pun boleh lah. as long as we get out of the country, laze around in hotel rooms and eat good food, i tak cerewet.

Why am i fretting over something happening in October when it’s not even September, i have no idea.

As for now, i’ll just enjoy our Batam trip aje lah and cross fingers Turi Beach willlook at least half as nice as the picture above.

2 thoughts on “Trips & Treats”

  1. Turi Beach Resort was gorgeous the 2 times I went. It’s a perfect couple’s getaway. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did 🙂 The place is just chill uh. So sad I can’t go see Metallica 😦 Have a rockin’ good time there!

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