coloured drinks & pineapple tarts

trivia: my favourite Raya kuih is Tart Nenas & Kuih Makmur. Any house yang ada ni dua kuih, confirm kena sebat.
my husband said i kampong. Because his favourite kuih raya is honey cornflakes. mak ai.

anyway i thought i’m not excited about this year Raya but i take that back.
The raya mood datang secara tiba-tiba 2 days before Shawal.

i cooked a feast twice. 1st day raya for us both and then gave it to the parents & in-laws. Second cook-fest was on 4th day Raya for the in-laws chinese guests. penat gila, i knocked out and took an evening nap after that.


nothing fancy but the sambal goreng pengantin is so tedious to make. i spent a total of 5 hours in the kitchen just to whip all these.
how did our mothers do this, seriously?

1st day raya was very emotional, especially at the in-laws place. Kalau ada award for synchronised crying, kita semua boleh menang.

pictures time! because i lazy to type some more.













Raya visiting continues for another 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

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