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his 30th

Last 4th February was his 30th and because we just got back from Bandung, i figured we should just take an additional day leave and celebrate.

Nothing special, we did some errands with the in-laws and was still figuring out what to have for dinner.

We settled for Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu cos we’ve never been there and they have just acquired their Halal Cert. So off we go to ther other side of Singapore. Like really the other side. Punya lah jauh…. Jin nak singgah pun malas.

the way to Sakura













But it was worth that trip! Firstly, we were among the first few diners so it wasn’t too crowded. I love charcoal grilled stuffs (think chalet food! yums) and there’s steamboat as well. All for the same price as the other Sakura Outlets.

I honestly prefer their food selection compared to Seoul Garden cos they had more variety and the seafood (esp the prawns) were really fresh. (siap dah kopek kulit lagi. mana nak dapat!)

Cover '

This would be my go-to place for Grilled Buffets definitely.

And oh, if you are planning a visit, make sure to request for the seats outside, near the sea-view cos i find it more airy. They have plenty of seats inside but because it’s a confined area, you’ll probably get very rimas especially cos the seats are pretty close to each other.

Here’s their Rates:


Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu
Marina Country Club(Punggol)
600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
Singapore, Singapore 829734
Reservation: 6385 8197
Facebook Page

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