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girls just wanna have fun.

nothing beats a girl night out on a Friday night, especially when you have known these girls for 17 years!

Catched up with my girls last Friday at Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin Hotel for a much-needed gossip session. The night was filled with marriage jokes, advice, tips and plentiful of laughter. We headed to Nabins after that for drinks and continue our chit chat, where i mistook a guy wearing black for their staff (which is so embarassing)

Now, about the food, Aquamarine is not a bad place to have your buffet fix. I especially love their Cold cut selections especially their sashimi (oh i love sashimissss) But i just find that their tables are placed to close to each other, u can probably hear what your next door neighbour is talking about.

But i rate it below Carousel and above Asian Food Market of course and i have yet to try 1 Market but that’s for another day perhaps.

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