Trying To Conceive

taking effect

I am finally feeling the side effects from Clomid. Not that i’ve been waiting or wanting it but it finally hit me today.

I’m usually cold and i can survive quite long without the fan on, so surprise surprise today, right after the heavy downpour, i was complaining of the heat and the husband told me it’s cold! Now this man is a polar bear. Jarang sekali dia cakap cuaca sejuk. I checked his forehead and yup, he’s not sweating! So why the hell am i having hot flashes, if it’s not cos of Clomid kan?

In the afternoon, i was annoyed for some reason (i really don’t know why cos i work from home, i don’t have colleagues to annoy me, but i feel very annoyed, macam serba tak kena) And then, my daddy had to call me of all the times. I nearly snapped at him just now. Nearly lah. I sensed the annoyance creeping out of me as i speak to him but wa maintain je ah beb. Ni kalau ter-snap kat bapak sendiri, mau dia datang rumah bawak hanger nanti. 😦
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Trying To Conceive


Just called the gynae and he told me to come in on CD12 which is on 30th May to do a scan.

Previously when i visited the sinseh, she advised me to drink Longan Red Date (LRD) Tea to help with my cold body.
Apparently LRD warms the body but she told me to drink alternate days else it would be too heaty.

So i made one just now!

photo 1

Basically all you have to do is dump everything, together with 1 litres of water and boil it on a slow fire or use a slow cooker for at least 15-20 mins.

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