Trying To Conceive


Just called the gynae and he told me to come in on CD12 which is on 30th May to do a scan.

Previously when i visited the sinseh, she advised me to drink Longan Red Date (LRD) Tea to help with my cold body.
Apparently LRD warms the body but she told me to drink alternate days else it would be too heaty.

So i made one just now!

photo 1

Basically all you have to do is dump everything, together with 1 litres of water and boil it on a slow fire or use a slow cooker for at least 15-20 mins.

You can drink it throughout the entire day and best before you sleep if you happen to have insomnia as well!

Dried longan is ‘warm’ and extremely beneficial to the heart and kidneys
Red dates replenish and nourish blood and blood circulation.
Goyi berries are filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

It is a yin tonic which is said to boost sperm production amongst many other health benefits – so even your partner should be drinking this drink!

Now this is how it looks like after you have boiled it.
photo 5 photo 4

As for the taste, it is not as disgusting as my Chinese meds. It is sweet, because of the dried longans and goji berry so it is certainly something that i can replace my normal teas.

I will drink 1 cup every hour, keeping the remainder in a flask. The dried longans bila dah boil is really yummy. lol
the red dates mcm makan kurma biasa except it is dry and not so sweet.

It is especially good to drink it during ya menses because it warms your body hence reducing the cramps!

Saya kasi 5 O!


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